Dare To Dream

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

The idea I had was to leave the last chapter with an ellipse (...) so the reader could make their own ending because I wish I could do that with books I read. So I generally never read the last chapter and make up my own ending which is a much better, rather than being disappointed when the guy gets the girl instead of a dragon coming and eating everyone. Totally better :) so anyways enjoy the beginning and middle but then the end is up to you...

Just a heads up I am really bad at writing stories and I can tell that this one I shocking! so I apologise guys


2. 2013 - Present day

Henry Kaftan could be seen as a normal boy by anyone who didn't know who he was; What he was. People would say he was a happy boy of 19, others a troubled man of 140. He had a long dark timeline one that had involved many secrets.

Henry was a Mara which meant dreamer. When he goes to sleep it is to wake up. This is how it has always been. When he was 11 his father, who was also a Mara sent him away to America to live with the masters in the San Palace at the base of mount McKinley in Alaska to learn how to control his dreams. Here he remained for 121 years.

Henry is unaware of his powers, The San masters teach how to control dreams when in reality he was being taught how to control his reality. Mara's don't age as fast as people which is why to any normal eye Henry appears 19, it is to protect them, keep them away from any harm in their dreams.

Henry's Father sent him away to keep him safe from those who were looking for this power, to turn it into something they could sell. His father had made sure that with Henry's safety he could learn to build his powers but henry would only learn of these powers once he was dead...



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