Dare To Dream

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

The idea I had was to leave the last chapter with an ellipse (...) so the reader could make their own ending because I wish I could do that with books I read. So I generally never read the last chapter and make up my own ending which is a much better, rather than being disappointed when the guy gets the girl instead of a dragon coming and eating everyone. Totally better :) so anyways enjoy the beginning and middle but then the end is up to you...

Just a heads up I am really bad at writing stories and I can tell that this one I shocking! so I apologise guys


1. Time Long Ago in 1873

"If we move him he may die"

"I'm afraid far worse is waiting for him"


An eccentric man in an expensive suit, top hat and monocle stood talking to a woman wearing a maids uniform in the middle of a corridor in a manor house on the outskirts of Lancashire. The woman's expression showed fear and worry whereas the mans showed thought.


"The time has come for him to be moved. This is what's best" The man said with his hand on his chin in thought

"He will die. He isn't yet strong enough" the woman said, her hands on her hips

"His move will ensure his powers are safe, he will be taught by masters. We are not capable of harnessing his powers yet."

"he's just a boy, he cannot harness his powers yet. If people find out about him, he will be killed"

"He will learn" the man said in a reassuring tone

"Where will he go?"

The man stood there thinking his hand stroking his beard, then he said the next word with so much certainty that it shocked the woman


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