The New "It" Boy

Ariel Hope Jenson had the looks, the popularity, a rich family, and the hottest boyfriend in school. But when he breaks up with her in the most public way possible, she wants revenge. She starts dating the lame boy, justin bieber, and tries to use him to be popular again. Will something that started out as something fake turn into something real?


1. Forest Hills High School

Ariel's Point of View 

"Happy 2 month anniversary baby" Logan said, wrapping his arms around me from behind.

I closed my locker and turned around to face him. I wrapped my arm around his neck - my icy blue eyes staring into his electrifying ocean colored eyes.

I raised my head up and pressed my lips onto his. Almost in a whisper I said, "Happy 2 month anniversary." I smiled, which only made him smile.

"I say I take you to a special dinner tonight." He suggested.

“If you’re gonna take me to McDonald’s like you did last time...”

“I won’t. We’re going somewhere nice, so wear something sexy.” He winked.

"Okay. Sounds great." I said, with a slight laugh.

"Alright, I'll pick you up at 6" And with that he walked away to catch up with his friends.

The bell rung and I started walking. I picked up the school newspaper, which was on a stand, and saw that  Logan and I were the front cover, as usual. I silently read the headlines beneath our picture. "The Hottest Couple in School share their Make-out Tips!" I laughed to myself remembering being interviewed for this.

I put the newspaper back on the stand and went into the bathroom which was just next door. I always met my close friend Selena in there before class started.

I saw her and greeted her the usual way - with the Bears cheerleading Handshake.

The Bears is the name of our football team, which my boyfriend happened to be the star quarterback and captain in. And I, being the captain of the cheerleading squad, was there cheering him on.

Captain of the Cheerleading Squad and Captain of the Football team dating? I only thought that happened in movies, but it’s happening to me right now, which is unbelievable.

I took my makeup remover out, carefully removing the slight curve that was on the inner corners of my eyes.

“So how was rehearsal yesterday?” I asked Selena, while she went  in one of the bathroom stalls to change her outfit.

“I don’t know, I didn’t show up. You know I never show up to any practices.” We both laughed.

“It’s me and Logan’s 2 month anniversary today.” I said with a smile.

“Oh really? Congrats Ariel! You know, this might actually be the longest relationship you’ve ever had.”

I laughed. “I know right?”

“So what are you guys gonna do?” She asked.

“He’s taking me to a special dinner tonight. And this time, he’s taking me to a fancy restaraunt and not McDonald’s.”

She laughed. “Ooh that sounds nice.”

Selena got out of the bathroom stall revealing her outfit.

“So, what do you think?” She said with a smirk, twirling around in her tight, short jean skirt and a tight black crop top.

“Looks good, but those shoes need to go.”

She looked down at her silver flats. “Yeah you’re right. I’m changing into these gold wedges.”

My eyes widened once I saw the shoes. “Holy shit, is that real?”

She nodded. “As real as can be.”

She looked down at my outfit and saw I was wearing a pair of ripped jeans, a purple ruffle tank top, and cowboy boots. She had a look of disgust in her face.

“Why what’s wrong?” I said, confused.

“Your outfit... What happened?”

I looked down at my outfit. “Hey I was sick everyday last week!” I said defensively. “Besides, people won’t notice how bad my outfit is because of my flawless face.” I said, smiling.

She agreed by nodding. “Alright let’s go to class now.”  I suggested.

Selena checked the time on her iphone. “It’s only been 20 minutes. The teachers always expect us to be 30 minutes late.”

“Who cares?! I just want to get this school day over with so I can be with my man later!” I said smiling.


“Can everyone turn to chapter 3 in The Great Gatsby and we will start reviewing your homework quest-”

“Good morning everyone!” I practically shouted.

The whole class stared at me, and my English teacher, Mr. Morgan, eyed me suspiciously.

“Miss Jenson.” He looked at his watch and had a confused facial expression. “You’re 10 minutes early. Well actually you’re 20 minutes late, but you’re early!” He seemed pretty happy.

I nodded. “Yeah I guess.”

“Well we were just about to review the questions I assigned for homework on Chapter 3 in The Great Gatsby - if you could please join us.” He said, vaguely gesturing the desks.


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