This sort of how I feel most the time


2. Im fine... i think

You ok



How was your daY



All lies everything

Cover it up with a smile here an  a laugh or giggle there

Don't tell anyone how I feel

keep my feelings to myself 

Then no one can judge

They have there problems

People think I'm problem free

Just because I smile and laugh all day


just because other girls cry and whine

doesn't mean I have to

They have no clue

I never cry in front of anyone 

Cause they wouldn't care

I'm just me

I can deal with myself 

They don't think I might want a shoulder to cry on

they've cried on my shoulder 

But I'm not allowed to show my emotion 

I'm that happy, crazy, funny, care free girl, the blonde idiot

Like I said they hav  there own problems they dont  need me to add


True and plz no hate xx

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