This sort of how I feel most the time


6. dreams


Can happen anywhere anyhow

You just have to belive

In yourself 

And you could go far

Fairys and pixies

You dream away

You belive

They will come true

Others may not see or belive

But to nonbelievers dreams do not appear

But to believers they do.

Unicorns and angels

You belive they will grant your wishes 

You can see them however you want

What ever shape

What ever colour 

Fat, thin tall or even small

They could be blue, yellow, pink maybe even mulitcoloured 

You just have to belive in them and yourself

let your mind run wild

But eventually you will have to come back to reality

But only for a cup a tea and a biscuit

Then back to your dreams

An  then the nonbelievers can go back to their nightmares 

You just have to belive


Faith, trust and pixie dust ;)



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