This sort of how I feel most the time


1. Him

First day of high school he caught my eye

His smile

His laugh

His deep chocolate eyes

Just him 

He made feel different he made me feel happy

We would laugh at stupid things

We would mess around in class

And meet up after school

Then it came to that day I was  brave, strong.

I asked him out I New he would say no

But I was wrong he said yes !!! Yay

5  days later he duped me 

And ever since our friendship has never been the same

he's different

Every week we would have at least 2 arguments 

And right now we are having an argument

Over something stupid

I blame myself for this

My stupidity

My accidental love for him

I should have known

He never actually like me let alone loved me

He's made me cry 

I've told people that you should never cry over a silly boy

But what did I do I cried over BOY

Stupid girl

Aren't i !!!

The reason I cried was because 

He broke me 

He said things

He said  he wanted to hit me with a bus

Well maybe he should

Am I worth it ? Not really

Would people care ? Not really

Would he care ? Not really 

Would anyone care ? Not really 

Not really

Life would be better if he did 


There's always a but

But I still had  him locked up like prisoner in my heart 

He was the one 

Th  one and only

We had another argument

He said he din  care 

That I was not worth it

Is he true ? Yes of course he is look at me



Don't fit in 




If is a  to move away no on  would care no one

Not ever!!!!

I miss him

The old HIM

The on  that cared 

Th  one that would have a joke with me

The one that CARED

I miss him I want him back

:'( :'(

Btw this is true no lies 

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