You Can't Make Me

Jade Lawson has always been a happy 14 year old who lives with her adoptive parents Mike and Rosanne. But then one day the school bully makes a comment, a comment that despite her best friends agruments, Jade can't help think is true. Jade is overweight and soon what was only meant to be a small diet becomes a year long battle with anorexia, an illness that almost robbed her of her life. After living in an adolescents phyciatric ward and meeting other girls in her position does she finally realise: there's more to life that what you look like.


2. Chapter Two

"Piss off", Ellie snaps at Karen, seeing the look of horror in my eyes.  Karen rolls eyes and stalks off, followed by a rather reluctant Martha.  Once they're out of earshot Ellie leans forward,

"Just ignore it , ok?  She's trying to upset you, don't let her".  I look at Ellie and she reaches across the table to pat my hand, a sympathetic look on her face.  I nod and smile back.  When i get home at the end of school I'm greeted by the smell of chocolate cookies.  Rosanne comes sweeping in from the kitchen to give me a hug.  She has oven gloves on and a cooking apron tied around her waist.  She's rather large herself; a jolly 40 year old with short, curly black hair and a pink pudding face.  Mike has thin mousy brown hair plastered to his elongated head and matching eyes.  He's always dressed in pale borwn cordoroy trousers, a white shirt and a green, woolen, sleeveless pullover.

"I've been baking today, sweetheart!" trills Rosanne, holding me at arms length and smiling broadly, "Two lemon drizzles, a batch of chocolate eclairs and chocolate cookies.  I'm doing a roast for tea so we can have them after as a bit of a treat, ok?"  I nod automatically.  She lets me go and bustles back into the kitchen where something in beeping, probably an egg timer.  I wander into the front room and see Mike lounging in his favourite armchair, reading the newspaper with his reading glasses perched on his long nose.  I decide i don't want a lecture on polotics right now and so slip upstairs without either of them noticing.  My room contains a bed, wardrobe, chest of draws and writing desk with a chair.  I open my wardrobe and look at my reflection in the full length mirror.  I look a the flesh clinging to my body and hanging off in folds of fat.  I pull up school jumper off and unbutton my shirt until i'm standing there in just my skirt and bra.  I think about Ellie with my skinny arms and slim legs and flat stomach.  Shaking my head crossly i drag my shirt back on and go back downstairs.  I've never felt uncomfortable in my own skin before.  I try to ignore the feelings swimming in my mind.  I'm not fat, just slightly chubby.... but chubby means fat... but i'm not huge, but then why didn't Ellie say that instead of just telling me to ignore it?  Does she secretly think i'm fat?  I feel repulsed at myself.  I go to sit next to Mike, thinking a debate about who ought to be running the country was better than the battle raging in my head.  Mike looked up and frowned at me, but i knew it was just because the prime minister had gone and done something stupid again.

"Can you believe it Jade?" he asks, looking at his newspaper in disgust, "Another 300 jobs have been lost.  There's a simple way to solve this problem, if we could just get Lance Feilding in charge, remind me to vote for him at the next election..." He begins rambling rather like Mr Freeman so i zone out into my own world.  Soon the aroma of roast chicken comes floating through from the kitchen and Rosanne peeks round the door,

"Dinners ready!" she calls, smiling.  I haul myself up and traipse into the kitchen, throwing myself into a chair.  Mike follows still muttering and irritated.  The table is covered in plates pilled high with food.  Rosanne and Mike help themselves, but i simply stare at the chicken.  Rosanne looks at me expectantly,

"Are you alright Jade?  Do you want me to cut you your slice?" she asks kindly.  i shake my head and reach forward for the carving kinfe.  I don't really know whether i did it on purpose or not, but when i dump my chicken on my plate, i notice there's a considerable decrease in portion size sinse the last time i ate a roast...











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