Is This Real Life?

Demi's dad becomes one directions new drummer. But her,her mum, her sister Ashley and her twin brother Jake have to go with him. Niall falls for Demi instantly. They start to date. But there are grey clouds in the sky...


2. Packing.

Demi's POV.

when I got out of the shower I got some pjamers on and slippers and started packing. I would be going for 2 years! I had 3 pink suitcases to pack my things in. I decided my shorts,jeans,tops,jumpers and track suits would go in one, shoes in another and more up and hair things in another. I grabbed all my shorts and placed the. In the biggest suitcase. Next was my jeans. Then my track suits. The I found all the ops and jumpers I owned and folded the, and placed them in neatly, I am very neat! I opened my 'shoe wardrobe' as Ash calls it. I have around 100 pairs of shoes. I love shoes! I got them all and put them in starting with high-heels, then my vans , next my converse, closely followed by my toms then my flip-fops. I looked around and found a dead cute outfit that I loved. It was a cream jumper saying la la la on it then cream jeans and cream wedges. Next I curled my hair. Finally was make up. It was half 3 now so I had to hurry. I but some light pink lip gloss on and a bit of foundation and that's it. I liked natural beauty. 


Ashley's POV.

I love One Direction. I love Harry. I know I'm only 10 but still. My mum and dad packed my stuff with there's so I just needed to have a shower and get ready. After my shower I got dressed. I put on my pink jumper saying hello on it, my pink chinos and my pink vans. I love pink! I put my hair in a messy bun and put my dark pink lipstick on. I was ready.


Jakes Pov.

I wanna be mates with the boys. Me and Demi are 17 so we fit in. Ash is only 19 but I'm share she would fit in too. I just shoved everything in. I'm lazy. I jumped in the shower. 5 mins later I got out. I don't take long but Demi and Ash take like am hour. I got on a dark blue top on. Navy jeans on. A blue apparel and blue vans. I ran downstairs with my suitcase and waiting since it was quarter to 4. 


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