Is This Real Life?

Demi's dad becomes one directions new drummer. But her,her mum, her sister Ashley and her twin brother Jake have to go with him. Niall falls for Demi instantly. They start to date. But there are grey clouds in the sky...


5. Love At First Sight.

Jakes POV.

There was another knock on the door. So I went to answer it. There stood the moth beautiful girl I have ever seen. She had blond-ish hair with brown highlights and blue eyes. She smiled. I winked. She laughed and said 'Hi I'm Lottie Tomlinson.And you handsome boy is called...'  I blushed and said'ermm Jake, did you know your beautiful.' Trying my best to flirt. She chuckled and said 'Is my biacth of a brother in here.?' I laughed and said 'Come in.' She smiled widely and walked in while shouting 'Louis William Tomlinson get your fat butt here now.' I heard Nialls famous laugh and hearded Louis shout 'Cominggg!' Lottie then shouted when he arrived in the hallway. 'Before I say anything don't sass master me up.yes you understand.' Louis nodded furiously.  'Let me continue. Why did you leave me in a boiling hot tour bus for 30 bloody minutes.!' Louis muttered a sorry and then my dad shouted 'lets gooooo' We all rushed to the tour bus and got into are rooms. Me,Lottie and Ashley shared one. Liam and zayn shared one. Louis and Harry shared one. Then Demi and Niall. We all unpacked and met in the living room. Louis walked in with a bottle and shouted 'truth or dare.' We all agreed. Here we go. Embarrassment mode on, 

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