Too Young For Love

Megan has a normal life of any Directioner. She obsesses over a band that she has a little chance of meeting in person, goes to school, and blogs. But little did she know that her 14th birthday is going to be a birthday she'll never forget.


12. Surprise.!!(:

Hello my fellow Directioners (:    I'm looking for someone to help me with a book I think I'm going to write, who's interested.?(:     Here's my kik if you are: _weird_13   Just text me your answers to the questions below and you can maybe be my co owner for my next fan fic ((: GOOD LUCKK.!!

1. Do you ship Larry.?

2. Who's your favorite out of the band.?

3. Do you like romance novels.?

3. Have you ever met them.?

4. Have you heard the Best Song Ever.?(;

5. Why do you want to be my co owner.?(:


Good Lucky my Crazy Mofos <33 xx

Trinity xx

{ if you don't have a kik, just comment }


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