Too Young For Love

Megan has a normal life of any Directioner. She obsesses over a band that she has a little chance of meeting in person, goes to school, and blogs. But little did she know that her 14th birthday is going to be a birthday she'll never forget.


14. Drunk Harry {Sexual Content}

A/N: before I get started.. You all knew this book was heading this way since the feelings between Megan and Harry were DEEP.!! So uh wish you the best of luck making it through this ((:     Hehe but I had to get this part over with.. {I DONT PROMISE YOU THAT THIS IS THE ONLY CHAPTER} and with that.....

trinity xx


~**Megans Pov**~ 

i went back inside the house with Harry tugging at my hand. Harry's phone started to light up.. A notification from Twitter.. I gotta glance at it and saw that I fan tweeted him a pic of him pulling me in the house and she put under it:

harry,.. What are you doing with that girl.? OMG Harry's new girlfriend.!!

Harry first blushed and then he notified me staring so he stopped. I started to blush too.. I mean I do have feelings towards him.. What am I saying.?! He's 5 years older than me.! "Shit.." I heard Harry say under his breath. "What's wrong.?" I asked him as I let go of his hand. "I forgot that my friend Ed is having a party tonight." Harry said looking at the floor. Uh oh.. "That's cool, Hanna and I will just stay in my room." I suggested. Harry looked at me with his beautiful brown, sparkling eyes. "You sure.?" Harry said. I nodded my head even though it hurt me that he didn't want to spend time with me instead. 




The party was in FULL blast. Harry was more drunk than Jack Sparrow {A/N: I have a crush on Jack Sparrow c;} and Hanna fell asleep in her room so I was stuck in my room bored out of my fucking mind.. Harry crashed through my door with Lou under his arm. "Hey Megan." Harry said flirtatious. "Harry, no.! Now Megan.. Take Harry he's uh what's the word.." Louis said as he walked out of my room also drunk out of his mind. Harry winked at me and I felt myself get butterflies. Harry closed and locked the door behind him. "So, come here often." He said trying to be sexxy. I threw my head back and laughed. Harry grabbed put his hands on my cheeks softly and crashes his lips onto mine. I didn't back out. The taste of alcohol  and Harry tasted so good. "I've liked you for the longest time." Harry said as smiled backing away from the kiss. I

smiled since he's being dumb because he's only known me for three days. Harry rolled me over on my bed. He started taking off his shirt and threw it across my room. Omfg his 8 pack.!! He tore off my shirt,revealing my black lacy bra.. I couldn't believe was about to happen.. Every Directioners dream, even mine, was about to come true.! "Your making me hard." Harry seductively whispered in my ear. I giggled at the thought of Harry Styles actually getting hard over me. Suddenly, I felt his length rise. I couldn't help but laugh. Harry didn't care, he started kissing my neck while I started to take off his pants. He took off my pajama shorts and revealed my matching black lacy panties. He smiled and he started kissing my toned stomach down to the edge of my panties. I moaned while Harry looked up at me smiling and started taking off my panties. "HARRY.! YOU BETTER FUCKIN STOP.!" A mad as fuck Zayn said while crashing the door down. Oh Shit. I thought. Zayn is protective over me since I'm basically his little sister.


A/N: ahaa had to stop right there c; wait for de next chapter guys.!!:D     HAPPY 4th OF JULY, MOFOS.!(;

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