Too Young For Love

Megan has a normal life of any Directioner. She obsesses over a band that she has a little chance of meeting in person, goes to school, and blogs. But little did she know that her 14th birthday is going to be a birthday she'll never forget.


9. Confessions of Harry Styles and Megan Porter

I have to admit, the kiss was amazing.! Harry finally pulled away satisfied. "I like you Megan." He whispered in my ear. I just giggled because the knowing of a super hot famous boy liking you is the most delightedly thing I have ever heard.!! "I'm tired so I'm going to bed." I smiled at him. He nodded. "Night." Harry told me. I started climbing the stairs up to my room when I turn around, Harry is following me.. "What are you doing.?!" I asked him. "I'm your knight.. I'm keeping you safe from the dark and the cold." Harry said so cute like. I laughed. "I don't need help." I told him and with that I walked up the last step and into my room. Around 3 in the morning I woke up, in Harry's arms.. I don't know how I got there..


~**Harrys Pov**~

I honestly dont know what happened last night but waking up next to Megan got me wondering.. "Wak-" Zayn stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me and Megan. "Did you guys uh.." Zayn asked looking at Megan. "No Zayn.! Harry was drunk and he wanted to be my knight and protect me from the dark. He's still clothed and I'm still clothed. Chill brother." She soothed Zayn over. "Okay, I think Harry is still asleep. I need to talk to you." Zayn said at a calm tone. "What's up.?" 

"Niall likes you.."

"Niall Horan.?!"


"What are you going to do.?! What should I do.? Oh Zayn.! Help me.!"

i don't think Megan and Zayn knew I was listening to their conversation. Oh.! Niall better stay away.!

"I don't know yet.. But I kinda want you guys together.." Zayn's kidding me right.?! Ugh.!! I like Megan.! Megan is mine.! No Niall.! Just then I heard Niall's voice. Oh yay, Prince Charming here to steal my girl. "Mornin' lads.!" Niall said cheerfully. 

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