Too Young For Love

Megan has a normal life of any Directioner. She obsesses over a band that she has a little chance of meeting in person, goes to school, and blogs. But little did she know that her 14th birthday is going to be a birthday she'll never forget.


10. A Not Shocking Secert

~**Megans Pov**~

"Zayn, Niall is too old for me.!" I whispered to Zayn in the security of my room, even though Harry was in my bed. I swear we didn't do anything sexual.! Harry was still asleep so I didn't care if Zayn and I talked about the situation with Niall. Niall was admiring my pictures of Hanna and I through out the years. He started laughing to himself when he got to the picture of Hanna shoving my face in my 12th birthday cake. Zayn was in the picture, too. He was laughing at me. Niall wasn't paying attention until he heard us say breakfast. "What.?" Niall chirped in with a smile, he does have a great smile. "We were just saying that we should go make some breakfast." Zayn smiled up at him. Niall shrugged it off and went downstairs for I don't know.! "Zayn, he's 21. I'm 14.!!" I told Zayn once again. Zayn did the same as Niall and now I was alone with Harry. I can't lie, I am attracted to Harry. Harry is just so hot, and funny, and so fun. Ugh. What am I thinking. "Man, I wish I was old enough to go out with you Harry. Your just so hot, and funny, and just amazing to be around." I said aloud to myself. I kissed Harry on the cheek and went downstairs. I didn't eat to bother him while he was sleeping. 


~**Harrys Pov**~

Megan. Just. Kissed. Me. On. The. Cheek. She also said she liked me. Holy Shit. She likes me.! She's attracted to me.! I'm only 4 and a half years older than her.. I wounded up going downstairs by the attraction of bacon. Mmmmm.! There was a plate with fresh bacon in it and a note on the counter..


we didn't want to bother you since you were sleeping. Liam, Louis, my little sister, and I went down to the pier. Niall and Megan went to the beach for a swim. Bye. See you tonight.


crap. Niall and Megan at the beach. As mush as I love Niall as a brother, I wanted Megan. We belong together. I like her and she likes me.

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