Adam James is a boy he has no friends on his old school but when he goes to a new school he met a girl called Victoria and they became friends. He met also a boy called Justin Bieber and he know Justin falls in love with Victoria. But Adam don't let that happen. So what's gonna happened ?


2. New school

New School


P.o.v Adam.


" ADAAAAM YOU'VE GO TO SCHOOL" My mom yelled loud

idk why she is so annoying its Monday morning and I have to go to a new school I hope this school will be better than my other 3 school .. I hope this time they won't bullying me .. I'm just a normal boy idk why they hate me so much. But this time they won't bullying me I'm stronger than the others times and I feel I'm gonna make some friend today.

*walked down the stairs*

“good morning sweetheart my mom said”.  “good morning mom  I mumbled.

“ here I make some eggs for you with a glass of orange juice” my mom said.

I forgot to say they bullied me because I’m fatter than other people and they always say to me Adam you look like a pig or Adam you’re so fat nobody loves you that kind of stuff. mom uh I – I’m not hungry I-uh have to go to school I said and my mom looked confused because normally I like eggs and orange juice. " oh uh well Adam then uh go to school I see u soon I've to go to my new job I'm so excited " my mom said and she seemed to happy. She is the only reason why I'm still alive because my dad leaves us when I was little and she is the only one who understand me and that kind of stuff.


I kissed my mom goodbye and walked to the street waiting on the school bus. After 5 minutes of waiting the bus came around and I walked in the bus and there was only one person sitting and the left side and she looked so gorgeous and so sweet. I thought this is my chance to make new friend and I walked to her and asked her if I may sit next to her and she smiled and say “ Of course ! why not ? by the way My name is Victoria and I’ve never seen you before “ I smiled and say “ that’s a beautiful name Victoria my name is Adam and you’re right you’ve never seen me before because this is my first school day” she laugh and say “well you look good and nice so do you have friend in this country or am I your only friend ? “she laugh and smiled. There was a though going to my mind She- she called me a friend I’ve never heard that before. I said ‘ well you the lucky one you’re my only friend’ and I smiled. she was laughing and said “Come Adam were arrived” and we walked to school together. I saw that Victoria was waving to some people who looking good and they were yelling “ Yo Vic how was your weekend ?” and Victoria said to me “Well Adam they are my crazy friends she laughs” and we walked to Victoria’s friends.

“Hi guys, my weekend was great was great! Thanks oh and by the way this is Adam it’s his first school day so be nice haha “ Victoria said. “Hi Adam “ they said. There goes a though to my mind are they like me or are they think I’m just weird but there were very nice.


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