Dangerous Love

Sarah is a new girl at Blossom Academy High School. Its her second year and she hasnt made new friends yet. Then she gets a friend and all of the sudden gets unexpected notes from someone. Well now she has no idea whats going to happen.


1. The weird Roommate





Sarah' P.O.V


     Finally it is time to pack my bags to go to high school. 

SARAH"her mom says. Sarah runs down the stairs scared. Yes mom"i said.

      She grabs me and says I'm going to miss you. Mom its okay"I said I'm going to be okay

As i was leaving I passed through the randomness guys with a black sweater I don't know

 i wasn't paying attention as i was walking i bumped into his sister and she just ran. I told hershe left her book on the floor her dad came and said sorry that's mine. They just looked so mysterious. I got to the airport and my flight was her. My mom  was about to cry. (grabbing my cheeks) I love you take care and don't get hurt in anyway don't get into any fights your not going boarding school not a fighting session and don't hook up with any guys because your not going to a make out secession"my mom says. Okay mom have to go now"I said. As I was walking into the airplane i saw my mom crying and saying she loves me she made me want to cry but i didn't i'm going to miss her.

                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 Week Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  

      I wake up to blueberry and oatmeal next me on my computer I really didnt know who the hell made that for me. I march toward the kitchen and saw a girl there now to remind you i wansnt expecting a roommate till October 8th and its September 19. Hello" she says. my name is Annie and yours. My name is Sarah and thanks for the oatmeal'I said.


          Annie's P.O.V 

Well she seemed shocked when she saw me. Matter of fact her face seemed familiar. Has soon as she stand up to wash dishes i asked have u ever seen you be for.

Sarah P.O.V

I realized that i have seen her from somewhere I just don't remember from where (having a Flashback) oh so that's where i know you from your that girl who dropped your book.


Annie's P.O.V

  As I remember where ive known her from i rushed out the dorm and went to my brothers dorm room and told him TOBY NO  you cant its not worth it you cant.

***A/N:Thanks for reading i would like to give a shout out for ivanna_payne for inspring me to write a story also Belieber-Directioner. 

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