Dangerous Love

Sarah is a new girl at Blossom Academy High School. Its her second year and she hasnt made new friends yet. Then she gets a friend and all of the sudden gets unexpected notes from someone. Well now she has no idea whats going to happen.


5. Its Annie or NOT!!!!!!!


       Sarah's P.O.V 

       I cant believe that Toby has me in his hands. He cannot force me to just be with me. I wont let it 

   happen. I can't believe hes the one my mom was talking about. I remember that I use to ask myself who the hell is Toby. I never remember that I had a guy best friend. 

      Its Annie or not!!!!

     Well well well well look what we have here"I said. Annie finally your here help me get out of here.

   "Sarah said. Ha its funny you thought I came to save your butt please! I'm only here to help my 

   boyfriend Toby. WHAT!!! I thought he was your brother. Ooh NO sweetheart. You thought wrong. 


      Sarah's P.O.V 

    I was really not happy when I saw Annie. She look totally different like she had nice brown hair and she changed it to black. She would always wear lip gloss and now wearing red lipstick. She use to hate black clothes and now she wears it there is something wrong with Annie .

      Its Annie or not!!!!

 Sarah listen we are going to bring you back to the campus and have them believe your okay and 

  then we are coming back say something and we will hurt you real bad. 

                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back at the school~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        Sarah's P.O.V 

    LOOK SHES BACK!" Annie said. Everyone surrounded me. Mr.ginger came and took me to   his office. Where were you"he said. Well I got lost"I said. LOST how did you get lost is it your first 

 time in L.A? Yea"I said. Well dont get lost again. Okay but ima spend a couple days in my friends 

  house okay"I said. Okay"MR. ginger said. 

              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back at the basement~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   LOOK WHO WE FOUND!!!!!"Toby said  (I looked at i saw her) OMG ITS YOU!!"I said.


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