Dangerous Love

Sarah is a new girl at Blossom Academy High School. Its her second year and she hasnt made new friends yet. Then she gets a friend and all of the sudden gets unexpected notes from someone. Well now she has no idea whats going to happen.


2. Getting Close

            Toby's P.O.V

   As I shoved Annie out my dorm I left to the main room. I passed this very beautiful girl. On purpose 

   I bumped into her. She looked at me and said sorry like if it was her fault. "Hi my name is Destiny

  she said".  I told her my name is Toby. "I love that name TOBY it reminds me of my nephew she


               Sarah's P.O.V  

      When I saw Toby i felt like I knew him already.'Hey can I get your name he says".I didn't know if

  i should  so i just asked him for his dorm room number. "609223 he said" As  I was walking into my dorm I saw Annie packing her bags. "Annie were are you going I asked" 

             Annie's P.O.V

   I didnt want to tell her the truth so i just told her i needed  to leave because i was going back home for a while.   "Well see you soon she said"

                                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 weeks later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

               Sarah's P.O.V 

  Me and Toby went out together to a dinner  and he kept saying he had to go to the bathroom like  if he had a bladder problem I don't know. Some random guy came out and told me i was wanted outside. I went out and I saw no one.

     Annie's P.O.V

I knew Toby was on a date with Sarah but I just let it happen. I wanted to surprise them me walk towards the door i saw a girl  and then i blinked and she wasnt there heard a scream ran to the parking lot and saw blood 

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