Dangerous Love

Sarah is a new girl at Blossom Academy High School. Its her second year and she hasnt made new friends yet. Then she gets a friend and all of the sudden gets unexpected notes from someone. Well now she has no idea whats going to happen.


6. Getting Away!!


           Sarah's P.O.V

    ANNIE!! what how are you but that is what the hell someone explain to me whats happening!

      My name is Jennifer aka Jenny. I'm Annie's twin but of course from her dads side"Jenny said

  Toby why you never told me this and eww your going out with our sister"Annie said.

  Not really your mom found me on the streets and kept me thats why i never call her mom.Toby said 

  All of these years i have been wanting to make you suffer Sarah! Ever since i met you and u stop

 Talking to me i just wanted to take you down here and have you suffer. In heatness and starvation"he said. But why come on Toby are you going to kill me because I stopped being your Best friend  and 

  you went through depression lets say if Jenny she leaves u are going to kill her and make her suffer.

        Toby's P.O.V 

  Sarah was right at that point but still i didnt care i went to the crazy hospital. She will suffer.

    I got close to her. Sarah you are going to be with me forever. And if your good you will get something to eat.

    Sarah P.O.V

      I had an awesome plan!!! Toby look someone is in the basement! I took of the rope for my hands and kicked him in the face i ran out with Annie they came running after us. Me and Annie 

 was hiding in the bushes.We ran back to campus. I went to Mr.gingers office and told him that 

 i was taken he didnt believe me so i went to the police. They arrested Jenny and Toby but i felt really bad.

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