Dangerous Love

Sarah is a new girl at Blossom Academy High School. Its her second year and she hasnt made new friends yet. Then she gets a friend and all of the sudden gets unexpected notes from someone. Well now she has no idea whats going to happen.


3. Annie has no clue


     Toby P.O.V

    I went to my dorm room like around 3am in the morning and Annie was just there. "Where have you been and wheres Sarah" she said. Well my car broke down so was out the whole night fixing it  and Sarah I dont know she said she was leaving about to her dorm room but guess shes not here. Yea shes not "she said.  

                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 days later~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

       Annie' P.O.V 

     Sarah hasn't been here for three days and i'm getting worried. EVERYONE come down to the 

     MAIN FLOOR NOW!!" Mr. Ginger says.Everyone rushes down stairs. Okay everyone he says 

   we have a missing person that belongs in room 104. Her name is Sarah and she has been missing for over 74-hours. This school is on locked down until we find out where is she because we don't want no one else to get lost. So no one can get out or in the campus untill we find out what happen to her.  As everyone was talking about the situation I went up to my brothers dorm. He wasn't there. I checked around the whole campus. I couldn't find him i worried about what he could be doing. 

     Toby's P.O.V 

   Now that I have her in my hands FINALLY I have been waiting for this day since i was 16. Now

    that I have her she cant run away . Ha (looking at her and touching her face) I have you right

    where i want u. 

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