Through people

Juliet worked at the nail salon, there was one customer in every single week. The customer was named Eleanor. One day Eleanor took Juliet to her boyfriend and his friends.


5. Tradition

Juliet's p.o.v


"Julie, wake up." My mom whispered. "Hmm" I moaned and opened my eyes. "Breakfast discussion!" She walked out, and I walked after her.  Bagels were sitting on each plate, perfectly cream-cheesed. 'Wow fancy breakfast!' I thought to my self.  Eve came down in a red top, with a white bow on it and black jeans.  I snuggled into my pajamas, when my mother started talking.

"Eve, there is a tradition in this family. You are now twenty one, a real adult now. Each person in our family moves out at twenty one. You are twenty one and ready."

"So do I have to get a house or..?" 

"Well for now you should get an apartment or condo." 

"Ok!  I'm actually excited!" She raced up the stairs to pack.

I took a bite of my bagel, "Eve, by the way we found you a condo!" She called and smiled.

Once Eve finished packing my parents drove off to show her the condo, they bought her.  My phone buzzed, I have gotten a text from Zayn!

Zayn: Hey!  Want to hang out with me and Liam?

Me: Sure!

Zayn: Ok, I'll pick you up at 1!

Me: Ok

I changed into a tan shirt with a big red heart with skinny jeans. I braided my hair and tugged it to make it bigger.  

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