Through people

Juliet worked at the nail salon, there was one customer in every single week. The customer was named Eleanor. One day Eleanor took Juliet to her boyfriend and his friends.


7. Pay Day



Today, at work was Pay Day.  I know this might be cheesy, but I like to buy Pay Day's (caramel bar topped with peanuts) with some of that money.

I drive to work, before it opens. The music was playing, Roar, by Katy Perry.

Today I was in the french manicure station. I trimmed the nails of a middle aged lady. I shaped her nails with a filer. I then set a bowl of warm water in front of her, it will soften her nails. I pushed back her cuticles and removed any dirt, from underneath her nails. I painted on a sanitizer and clear coat. I put on a white tip and painte on a clear coat. I dryed them, and that was my station routine all day.  

I got my paycheck and went to the bank and cashed it.  I went to Wawa and got a Pay Day, yum!

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