Through people

Juliet worked at the nail salon, there was one customer in every single week. The customer was named Eleanor. One day Eleanor took Juliet to her boyfriend and his friends.


10. Only A Nightmare..

Juliet woke up in a cold sweat, her covers thrown on the ground.

'I just woke up.. It was a dream, not a dream.. A nightmare.' She sighed in relief.

She rolled over and stretched. She stood her self up and looked in the mirror.

'Whatever, their asleep. I'll just make breakfast for them.' She thought as she walked down the hallway.

She saw her cat, Caspar near the calendar. October 25! I still need to get costume! (Yes, I'm 20 and still trick-or-treat. What's wrong with that?)

I'm going to the halloween store today, with Harry.

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