Twisted and Confused

Kally Blake had a perfect family, best friends, and a stalker ex-boyfriend. She moves to London with her sister to start school and get away from her other family. She and her sister have One Direction tickets to go to a concert before Kally starts school. When her creepy ex shows up, and she's dating someone in the band what will happen?


5. Concert Day!!!!!!!!!!!

"Em?", I called walking into the kitchen. "Oh good, Kal, you're awake. The concert starts at 7, they let people in at 6:30, which means we'll need to be there at 5:50, so we're leaving at 5:30." "That was quite a mouthful, Emmy," I said with a chuckle. My sister has always been the planner. I could just let things happen, but not Emma.

After I ate, I walked back to my room. It was only 8:30am, but knowing it would take me all day, I went to get ready. I took a 20minute shower, then picked out my outfit. After that, I threw some make-up on. I wore a blue and white striped shirt, red denim shorts and my varsity jacket. I then left to get my hair done.

Emma dried my hair and scrunched it. Then I grabbed my silver toms and white fedora. I looked at the clock and it was already 5:00. I was right about it taking me all day to get ready. I'm starving, too.

Emma looks gorgeous. She has shimmery silver shorts and a bright red off the shoulder top. Her shoes are 3inch blue velvet heels. Her hair was straightened and hanging down her back. We grabbed our tickets and headed out the door. It was only 5:10, so we stopped for food. We decided on a Nando's not far from the venue.


Niall's POV

We have an hour until people are allowed in. Lou is still doing Zayn's hair. Harry's wrestling with Louis, and Liam is singing for soundcheck. I'm starving. "Paul," I scream, "Pauuuuull!" "What do you need so desperately, Niall?" "Food, Paul, food." "Okay then."

Paul came back with potatoes in gravy for me. I ate it all in record time. After Liam's soundcheck, he came played with me. Paul gave us football, and we kicked it around a bit.



When the show started,I spoke and introduced LWWY. While Li was singing, Louis pulled me to the front of the stage and pointed to a girl in the front row. She was so beautiful, and I sang to her all night.

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