Twisted and Confused

Kally Blake had a perfect family, best friends, and a stalker ex-boyfriend. She moves to London with her sister to start school and get away from her other family. She and her sister have One Direction tickets to go to a concert before Kally starts school. When her creepy ex shows up, and she's dating someone in the band what will happen?


1. Beginning

My name is Kally Sutton Blake. I am 17 years old. I have a sister named Emma who is 22. We are Directioners, and have been since the X-Factor. I love Niall, and my sister is obsessed with Liam. We have tickets for London after we move there. She is going with me so I won't get lonely while I am going to a university there. My parents reluctantly agreed because they thought that I would run off with a boy and never speak to the again. 

I was saying goodbye to my friends when my ex-boyfriend, Brandon walked up and hugged me. I didn't hug back, and he pulled way awkwardly. I said goodbye to him, grabbed Jessi's wrist, and pulled her away. Jessi is my absolute best friend ever. I had originally planned to go with Jessi instead of Emma, so she is bummed because her mom said no. When we stopped walking, she turned to me and said with tears in her eyes, "Don't you dare get a new best friend. Call, text, messenger pigeon," she laughed, "Contact me. Let me know if you marry OneDirection." I started to smile through my tears. She always made me laugh. Jess suffocated me in a giant hug and I said the one goodbye that killed me.


A/N Sorry that this was so short it kind just introduced the story and I promise that there will be longer chapters later. Comments help me write and post so feedback is key to getting faster updates.

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