Kidnap One Direction

Hi my name is Gianna my best friends are Emily and Morgan. We are the biggest fan girls of one direction. We grow up with hard lives when we were little but now we are 17. well most of us. I ran away from home, so now I'm taking care of my self. Then Emily and Morgan moved in with me. When my birthday came and the girls too me to the basement there were there. One direction is in my house. I can't believe they kidnapped one direction. What will happen? You have to read it to hind out.


2. Wake Up

Gianna P.O.V

I woke up by the sun shining in my eyes. I got up and went down stairs. I walk in the kitchen there was a note

'Dear Gianna, I have to go to work really

and Morgan has to do some stuff.

I'm not going to be home till 10

and Morgan is coming home till 9

love, Emily and Morgan'

" Yes, the hole house is mine. Sweet " I yelled and did a victory dance. I went to sit down on the couch and listen to music on my phone. It was on shuffle. My favorite song was playing. ' I Would ' By One Direction  

" Would he please you?
Would he kiss you?
Would he treat you like I would?

Would he touch you?
Would he need you?
Would he love you like I would?"


I sang on the top off my lungs. I look to see what's the date is today. It's 9/5/13. Tomorrow is my birthday. YAY. I'm turning 17. I know ' Why aren't you in school?' It's because I was bullied. Not just calling names but also bunch, kick, being pranked bad, and  getting in trouble a lot. My stomach growled. " I'm hungry" I whispered to myself. It's a good thing Morgan got a lot of food. I went into the kitchen and went to the refrigerator and got out my half chicken, bacon, ranch sub. I went to the table and sat down and put my plat on the table with my phone. I was on my phone looking at pic of One Direction mostly Louis. I had a big smile on my face when I look at him with no shirt on. I died inside all the time I look at him shirtless. Then my phone rang. It was playing ' Who let the dogs out.'  It is Morgan. I answered it. " Heyyyy my little Niallllll " I said it sassy. I call Morgan ' My little Niall' Emily ' Hazza ' and they both call me ' Tommo Girl or Tommo the Tomlinson.' " HEY GESS WHAT?!?!?!" She yelled in my ear, making me deaf. " WHAT " I yelled bake making her deaf now. " Not so loud. Your making me deaf." We both laugh. " Ok One Direction is coming back home. " She said it all in one breath. My face is tomato red and I couldn't move. " AWWWWW!!" We both scream. " Did you tell Hazza ( Emily ) ?" I ask. " Yah she screamed too." "Victory dance? " I question. She replied " Victory Dance " We both started dancing and making weird sounds. " Ok I have to go. kiss, kiss loves." Then Morgan hung up before I said bye. I cant believe that One Direction is home. Awwww! It will be amazing if they came to my house and sing happy birthday to me. I will die. If I don't see them in person and I'm on my death bed this are my last few words.               

   * On the death bed *

" Tell Louis Tomlinson that I..I.. tell that bitch he has one fine ass "

* High 5 all the nurses and Morgan and Emily. Then dies *

I giggle to my self. I finish with my sub and cleaned my plat and put it away. I lay on the couch and watch a movie. After a while I began to close my eyes and fell asleep. I dreamed about Louis and the boys.






*A/N : Sorry I haven't wrote Kidnap One Direction in a log time. But now I'm trying to write more now. So ya. Love ya.*

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