Kidnap One Direction

Hi my name is Gianna my best friends are Emily and Morgan. We are the biggest fan girls of one direction. We grow up with hard lives when we were little but now we are 17. well most of us. I ran away from home, so now I'm taking care of my self. Then Emily and Morgan moved in with me. When my birthday came and the girls too me to the basement there were there. One direction is in my house. I can't believe they kidnapped one direction. What will happen? You have to read it to hind out.


3. Plan

Morgan P.O.V

It is 9:30pm and I'm on my way home. When I got home Gianna was sleeping on the couch. Tomorrow is her birthday and me and Emily want her to have the best birthday ever, because her parents are both in jail when she was born and there still in there now. She never had a really good birthday. I sat down and watch the movie that she was watching. Then Emily came in. " Hey is she sleeping? " Emily ask and whispered. " ya. "  " Good. I have a plan for Gianna's  big day. " We started  whispering so we wont wake her up. " Cool. What is it? " I ask. " First we take her shopping and then get something to eat. What ever she wants to do. " She went to the kitchen and I fallowed her. She went to get a drink and I did to. " Is that it? " I took a sip of my water.  " I'm not finish. We should kidnap One Direction for her birthday." I started laughing quietly. When I look at Emily she was serious. " Are you serious Em ?" I was looking at her when I finished my drink. " Yes I'm serious. I want Gianna to have the best birthday ever because she will and dose every thing for us. " I thought about it for a minute and I agree. " Ok but how?" I ask. " Well I have a plan. First we will go to all of her places then we will go to the club and get her really drunk and when she pass out, we'll  go get them."  That sounds like a good plain. Me and Emily plain the hole day for Gianna's birthday tomorrow. Little by little.





~ A/N ~

Sorry this chapter is short.     

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