Kidnap One Direction

Hi my name is Gianna my best friends are Emily and Morgan. We are the biggest fan girls of one direction. We grow up with hard lives when we were little but now we are 17. well most of us. I ran away from home, so now I'm taking care of my self. Then Emily and Morgan moved in with me. When my birthday came and the girls too me to the basement there were there. One direction is in my house. I can't believe they kidnapped one direction. What will happen? You have to read it to hind out.


6. Kidnapping time


                                                                      Emily's P.O.V


Ok Gianna is asleep and Morgan is getting the equipment and I'm starting the van. I ran out side and jumped in the van and started it, putting on the heater and all that. What the hell is taking Morgan so long. Then I saw a girl that I was waiting for. She ran to the van and sat in the passenger side. " Got every thing ok?" I ask. " Yah. The rope, duck tape, Um... the thing that you knock people out with and our phones and that's it." We all ready know where they are because we're awesome like that. Morgan puts on the radio and '  Kiss you ' by One Direction was on. Me and Morgan was sing to it and I put it up louder.


    * Couple of Minutes Later *

We arrived at the hotel that they are staying in. " Ok, we need to let all the fangiring out before we go in." I said. " OH MY FUCKING GOD, WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE FUCKING BOYS! AWWWWW!" Me and Morgan yell and squealed. " Ok, Are we good?" I ask out of breath. " Yah."  " Ok. Lets go." Morgan grabbed the beg and we ran in. I opened the door to see if any body was there. No one. So me and Morgan went to the room were the boys are and yes we know were the boys are and again were awesome like that. Morgan tried to opened the door put it was locked. She look at me and smiled. I don't know why she's smiling when we can't get in there. Then she got out her bobby pin and put it in and unlock it. I smiled happily at her. We tiptoed in. " Hey Morgan, I'll get Harry and Louis and you get Niall, Zayn, and Liam." I whispered to her. She just nod he head. We pored the stuff that make them on unconscious on to a rag and went our separate ways. I went in one room and there they where Harry and Louis. I went up to Harry and put the rag to his face. He struggled a bit then was nocked out and I did it to Louis too. I ran to Morgan's direction and found her putting the rag to Liam. I guess he was the last one. '' Is he the last one?'' I ask. She nod. '' Ok, lets put them in the van and get out of here with out anyone no noticing." We grabbed the boys one by one and put them in the van. We were driving and I look back at the boy. They look so peaceful when there sleeping. '' I can't we did this. I wonder what there going to do when they wake up?" Morgan ask. I just shrugged.


We got home and put the boys down stars in the basement. We got there phones and tied them up. I felt sorry for them. Me and Morgan went to check on Gianna. We went to her room and opened it. '' Aww, she looks peaceful in her sleep." I said. " Yes Louis, I would love to have tea with you." Gianna said in her sleep making me and Morgan laugh. " Well I'm going to bed. Good-night Em." Morgan said and walked to her room. I walk to my room and put on my pj's and went to bed. Tomorrow is going to be interesting.





Hey lovers, Sorry it's bin years since the last update. So here you go and I hope you had a awesome xmas and new year With loves


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