Kidnap One Direction

Hi my name is Gianna my best friends are Emily and Morgan. We are the biggest fan girls of one direction. We grow up with hard lives when we were little but now we are 17. well most of us. I ran away from home, so now I'm taking care of my self. Then Emily and Morgan moved in with me. When my birthday came and the girls too me to the basement there were there. One direction is in my house. I can't believe they kidnapped one direction. What will happen? You have to read it to hind out.


1. About Gianna

Gianna  P.O.V

Fuck we're all out of milk. We need to go to the store. " Guys we need to go to the store today " I yelled. Hi, My name is Gianna. I am 17, drop out of school , and ran away from home and living with my two best friends name Emily and Morgan. We all had bad and hard childhood growing up. " I'll do it today " Morgan yelled back. " Don't get to muck Morgie, remember what happen last time we let you shop for food." Emily yelled from the bathroom, as she's doing her make up and hair.  "very funny Em. that was just one time " she put on her shoes and jackit. what she did was, she got to much food then what we needed. Morgan loves food, I mean LOVES food. I forgot to tell you that me and the girls are fan girls of one direction. I mean fan girls. Well me and Emily are not that much fan girl as Morgan. Morgan love Niall, Emily loves Harry, and me I love Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. So I like all of them, its hard to pick just one right? " Bye guys " Morgan yelled and ran out of the house. I heard a car start and then she left. We live in a big house, 3 levels, 5 rooms, 2 bathrooms, and all of that jazz. We have good jobs so we can afford all of this. I'm the middle child, Emily is the oldest and then Morgan is the youngest, but we are all 17. Well except for Emily, she's 18. We have our own rooms. We try to keep them clean but there always messy but we clean a lot. We live in the middle of the woods. I know creepy. We wanted to be in a green place. It's not that bad. quit fun really. I went in my room to clean, not that messy just clothes every were. I went on my bed, I was so tired so instead of cleaning I fell asleep. " I'm back "  I heard Morgan yell, which made me wake up. " MORGAN YOU GOT TO MUCH FUCKING FOOD AGAIN!! " I heard Emily yell at Morgan. I pock my head out of my room to the hall to here them. " Stop fighting you guys " I yelled still half asleep. I went down stars to see how much food she got. " Wow " I whispered to myself. We put away the food and sat down on the couch. " Want to watch a movie? " I ask. I'm a movie person. Love all movies. " Sure "Emily and Morgan said together. " What Movie? " Morgan asked. " Grown Ups? " I question. " I love that movie" Emily said and sat on the couch next to me.  We watched the movie till 10:30. We all went to bed around 1:00 AM. Guess we got carried away.


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