Summer Love

Its summer vacation and Lindsay choose to spend it at a Summer Camp. There she meets Ariana, who soon becomes her best friend, and she meets Alicia, her worst nightmare. But when she stumbles into a friendship with Niall Horan, will they become closer than they thought? And will someone go against her? Read it in "Summer Love"



2. Nice To Meet You,

He sat me next to a girl about my age. She had headphones on and was on her ipod. I caught her attention when i sat next to her. "Hi,"I said putting my bag on my feet. She removed her headphones. "Hi, whats your name?" She said smiling. She had a average voice, not too deep, not too highpitched. Her hair was blonde and fell up to her shoulders. "Im Lindsay, and you?" I said smiling back. She looked nice and she was REALLY pretty too. Like i mean REALLY pretty. "Im Ariana. Nice to meet you Lindsay"She said holding out her hand. I shook it and noticed something.

"No way, you have the same bracelet as me!" I said shocked. "Oh wow, look at that" She said giggling. "So, are you new here?" She asked me. "Yeah, first time here" I said digging in my bookbag for my phone."Are you?" i said. "Nope. I've been here since i was 13. Im 18 now"She said with a smile on her face. "Oh cool, im eighteen too" I said. Coincidental, isn't it? "When is your birthday?" I said trying to figure out something. "May 14" She said. OMG!

"A-are you serious?" I said in total shock. "Yeah im serious, my birthday is in May 14" She said confused. "Mines is May 15!"I said breaking the news. Her jawdrops at those words. "Wow. Paent trap moment here!" I said. She laughed and so did i.

For the rest of the ride, we were talking to eachother about eatch other, like i found out shes hispanic and lives right nextdoor of me. All...too....coincidental. Too...coincidental.

When we finally got here my jaw dropped, this place was gorgeous. The rows of flowers, the neatly built cabins, cute activites like arts and crafts, music, dance, singing. We had to line up to the main cabin so we can get our room mates.Ariana and Me went on the line to get our room mates

we finally made it to the main cabin. "Ahh, Lindsay Morgan, you will be paired with....... Oh Ariana Peters"The tall lady at the desk said. "Yay!" I said. Ariana was happy too. "Do we share a cabin with another room mates couples"I asked Ariana. She shook her head "No" which gave a releif.

Our cabin was room 1354, which was the last on on the campbase. We headed to our cabin and unppacked our things.

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