Summer Love

Its summer vacation and Lindsay choose to spend it at a Summer Camp. There she meets Ariana, who soon becomes her best friend, and she meets Alicia, her worst nightmare. But when she stumbles into a friendship with Niall Horan, will they become closer than they thought? And will someone go against her? Read it in "Summer Love"



1. Bye New York, Hello Camp!

Lindsays POV.

I woke up with a bright mood. It was Thursday, the day i go to Camp Wolverlose. I've been waiting all school year to finally go, and today was it. I excitedly got up from bed and ran to the bathroom. I met up with my brother in the hallway

"Slow down, you'll get a speeding ticket"He goofed. "Sorry, alittle excited"I said slowing down. "Oh yeah, your going to Camp Wolverloser" He kid. I gave him a cold look. "Hahaha very funny Lucas"I said sarcasticly. He walked down stairs and i proceeded to enter the bathroom.

I locked the door behind me and removed my clothes. I unhinged my bra and removed my panties and entered the Tub. I let the hot water run for a while, then the cold to get that warm water i desired everytime i took a shower or bath. I stepped in and began to clean my self.

I looked for my pink lopha that i had for my use only and put some liquid bodywash on it and rubbed it until a foamy lather appeared. I scrubbed my arms,legs,back, stomach, and inbetween. I soon took the bath hose and rinsed my body off. I closed the water knob and searched for my towel.

It was on the floor. I guess i must have dropped it when i put it on the bar. I picked it up and covered my body. I picked up my clothes i had on and dropped it in the dirty clothes pile hamper. I exited the bathroom and cautiously walked to my room. You wouldnt belive how many times i fall on the way to my room, which is right next door.

when i finally got to my room, i dried my body off. After that, i looked for a bra and undies. I found my pink polkadotted bra and my pink ruffled panties. I put them on and put on lotion. Dont wanna look ashy. And after my underclothes were done, i looked for what to wear on my first day.

"No, eww, hitious, when did i buy this?, Isn't this moms?" I said in my head. "Aha! found it"I said to my self. I had found my flower dress that falls up to my knees. It had a brown thin belt that hugged my waist, which i thought would go perfect with my brown flats. I put it on and modeled alittle infront of the mirror. It looked great. All except my hair. I couldnt think of what to do. I tried a high ponytail, and i looked like a horse. I tried a messy bun, but it was messier than it shouldve been, until finally, i found my perfect hair. A side braid with a gold headband stretched across my forehead.

I had to say, this was the first time i was satisfied with my look. I did one lat pose infront of the mirror and ran down stairs where my mom was waiting for me with my bags. "Okay, bye mom, i love you!" I said taking my bag. "Bye honey, dont forget to write to me everyday"She said having tears in her eyes. "I won't" I said giving her a big hug. I walked out to the sidewalk and wait for the camp bus to come.

After about 1 minute, the bus came. "Um, Lindsay Morgan?"The driver said holding a clipboard. I nodded and he lead me in the bus.

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