Summer Love

Its summer vacation and Lindsay choose to spend it at a Summer Camp. There she meets Ariana, who soon becomes her best friend, and she meets Alicia, her worst nightmare. But when she stumbles into a friendship with Niall Horan, will they become closer than they thought? And will someone go against her? Read it in "Summer Love"



3. Alicia, Ugh

 Ariana decided to take me around Camp and look around. It was so beautiful. I was so destracted to look where i was going, and bumped right into someone. "Ugh, watch were your......." i said looking up. Deep yellow,green, blue eyes looked down at me. "Um, sorry it was my fault"I said quickly changing my saying. "No sorry, it was my mistake"He said. He had a deep Irish accent that could make anygirl do what he said. "Its okay"I said blushing. We stood there looking at each others eyes for a while.

"Niall!" A girl yelled from behind him. He turned around and i saw a red headed girl with alot of makeup on and a half transparent outfit. He walked up to niall and gave him a hug. She looked at me through the hug and gave me a dirty look. She pulled from the hug, ang gave him a Kiss on the lips. I got a sick feeling in my stomach as she kissed him like an animal. His eyes were closed and hers were open, she looked at me through the corner of her eye. I turned around and walked to Ariana.

"You okay?" She asked. She saw the pain in my eyes and hugged me. I let go and said "Lets go back to our cabin". She nodds and we walk away. I turn around and see her holding his hand. She looked at me and gave me a evil smile. i turn back and i hold Ariana's hand. She holds me tightas we enter our cabin.

"Ugh. Thats Alicia Torres. Her dad is a billioner and shes just a hoe" Ariana said sitting on my bed. She signed me to sit next to her. I say next to her and lean on her shoulder. " I've never felt like this about a guy, and when she kissed him, my heart was like being strangled. The way he looked at me and his eyes...... I just dont know Ari" I said leaning on her shoulder. She stroked my hair and hugged me.

"Dont worry. Maybe some activities will make you feel better"She said smiling. "Yeah"I said. getting off her shoulder. "What do you love to do?"she said. "Ummmmmm..... i love to sing" I said unsurely. "Really? so do i" She said happily. Ariana is a very positive person always smiling at the rught times. "Oh cool. can you sing for me?" I asked her. She began to blush and look at the floor. Now shes shy? haha

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