Summer Love

Its summer vacation and Lindsay choose to spend it at a Summer Camp. There she meets Ariana, who soon becomes her best friend, and she meets Alicia, her worst nightmare. But when she stumbles into a friendship with Niall Horan, will they become closer than they thought? And will someone go against her? Read it in "Summer Love"



5. Activity Meeting

After Ariana finished complimenting me, a camp counciler walked in.

"Hello girls, Im Cassandra one of the camp councils. I came here to tell you guys about the Activity Meeting in 5 minutes. Everyone should be at the Central Cabin at the begining of the campus. If you have any questions, there will be stand with two councils who will answer them See you there" She said and she waved goobye.

"Sounds fun. We should go" Ariana said waiting for the council to walk out. "Yeah, no. I'll juast stay here and you can go alone" i said Laying back. "No, your coming. Why are you being so picky about having fun this summer" Ariana said getting upset. "What if i see Niall again and the girl he was with?" I said putting on my headphones. Ariana came up to me and pulled them off. "Oh c'mon! You cant let a guy ruin your summer! Come on it will be fun" She said holding my hand. I sighed,"Ugh fine ill go. Just cuz your my friend" I said getting up.

"Yay!! Lets go" Ariana said in a perky tone. Ariana was practically dragging me to the cabin. My stomach was swilring since we left the front steps of our cabin. But when we got there, my heart dropped right into the pit of my stomach.

Niall, His girlfriend, and 4 more guys where hanging on the front steps. When niall saw me, i immedietly grabbed ariana's arms and rushed her to a corner where they couldnt see us.

"Omg they're on the steps Ariana! I told you. What now? Lets just go back to the cabin. Im not going up those steps. They're gonna see me! Ugh what did i say! How am i gon....." I was saying until ariana interrupted me.

"Back door. Follow me"  She said leading me around a corner. There was a big brown wooden door. But uh-oh, it was locked. "Oh great locked. Just perfect" i said sitting on the corner of the door. "Dont give up just yet. I got something up my sleeve" Ariana said with a smirk. She checked the area to see if anyone was watching. She then bent down and pulled out something from the garbage can. It was a green, leather bag. She pulled out a silver key from inside. She slid it into the lock and turned it. The lock popped open and she opened the door.

"And i thought you were innocent" i said with a smile.

"Dont judge a book by its cover" she winked. I giggled and we walked in.

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