How to save a life

For the song lyric competition c:


1. How to save a life.

Dear Corey,
Hey. I doubt you know who I am, but I know about what you do to yourself-
Delete. Try again.
Dear Corey,
Your such a beautiful girl, but the knife dow-
Delete. Try again.
Dear Corey,
I know what it's like. The thing you never think of when you start self harming is that you have to live with it for the rest of your life. The moment you pick up that match,  knife, blade or you start slapping yourself, that's it. Your addicted. It's like a drug. You live every moment of your life waiting for the next time you can inflict pain upon yourself. The next time you can have that little bit of happiness, relief as you watch your skin react. Then pain strikes. You spend all of your money buying plasters, bracelets, thick jackets. You make excuses, you have to lie to people and once you start you can't stop. You always feel tired because you stay up all night with your knife picking at your skin. You never wear shorts and you make excuses why you can't go to the beach. You worry- and fall into the trap that is depression.  You worry it's going to be to hot to wear a jacket, that you won't be able to find your bracelets, that all your long sleeves shirts are in the wash. You worry that teachers will see the scars, that they will say something and then everyone will know, everyone will know you as the girl who cuts.
But the thing is, people don't know how hard it is to pick up a knife or blade and cut your own skin, to inflict that sort of damage on yourself. Just for that little moment of pleasure that's quickly gone and then you want to cut more, because you are addicted. 
You're like me.
I'm the same as you.
I understand.
Love Zac
Delete. Delete, delete, Delete.
Your so perfect. It haunts my mind that I used to come up to you, hug you, tease you, because you were my best friend.
Were did it all go wrong, eh?
I tried so many times to send those messages, all for nothing. You weren't going to read them.
I stand up slowly, and put on my best jacket.
I get the keys to my car.
I pull up into the car park, and leg it over to you.
~Corey Jessica Montagne~
---age 16---- 
We love you Corey, baby.
 We miss you.


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