Killer On The Loose

Jessica Lopez, Niana Lang, Jackie Gonzalez, Kevin Martinez, Monte Walker, and Freddy Arias were all friends. Jessica and Jackie were best friends since Kindergarten. Kevin and Monte have been best friends since Kindergarten too. Jessica, Jackie, Kevin, and Monte are 17 years old. Niana is 18 and Freddy is 19. They live in Woodsburgh. It was a cold and wind night. They all turned on the tv to the news. On the news it said that a killer was loose in Woodsburgh. They all called Freddy to ask if they could stay at his place.
What will happen? Will someone get killed? Do the police catch the killer? Read my story Killer On The Loose to know.



About the title, I thought this was the only way you guys would read this. I am now on wattpad. I have a new fan-fic. It is different then this and my other story. It's called Why Choose Me?! (1D Fan-Fic). If any of you guys have a wattpad can you guys please search it up and read it and vote. Please do tell other people about my story and tell them to vote too. I also comment on what you think on the story so far (on wattpad btw). If you don't have one... well... I guess make one or idk but please go and read my new story called Why Choose Me?! (1D Fan-Fic). It's in the Fan-Fiction category btw. Thank very much. 
                        xx Jazlyn


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