Killer On The Loose

Jessica Lopez, Niana Lang, Jackie Gonzalez, Kevin Martinez, Monte Walker, and Freddy Arias were all friends. Jessica and Jackie were best friends since Kindergarten. Kevin and Monte have been best friends since Kindergarten too. Jessica, Jackie, Kevin, and Monte are 17 years old. Niana is 18 and Freddy is 19. They live in Woodsburgh. It was a cold and wind night. They all turned on the tv to the news. On the news it said that a killer was loose in Woodsburgh. They all called Freddy to ask if they could stay at his place.
What will happen? Will someone get killed? Do the police catch the killer? Read my story Killer On The Loose to know.



It took us 25 mins to get back home. 
"Where are we going? Your house? Jessica's house? Who's house?" Niana asked.      "My house" I said.      "Oh okay" she said. She drove into my driveway. Niana turned off the engine.     "We're here" said Niana. We got out of the car.  She looked at the car keys.      "Which one is the house key?" she asked.     "Niana, it's the only other key that's on there" I said. She looked at it again.      "Oh. I think I'm turning into a blonde" she said. I looked at her hair.     "No I don't see any blonde in your hair. Your still a brunette".       "Well I hope I don't have blonde".   She unlocked the door.  It was dark.       "I left the tv on" I said.     "What the fuck" Niana said.       "Oh well" I said. I went into the kitchen. I put my purse on the kitchen counter.  Niana gave me my keys. I put them next to my purse. Niana left her purse next to mine.  Niana turned around to go back in the living room I heard her gasp. I turned around quickly. I saw Niana just looking at my back yard. I walked over to her. I turned to look. I gasped. I walked outside. Jessica was standing there. "Hey. Well, I got the stuff for the party as Niana told me. I know I wasn't told to get the party ready but I did it anyway. You left your guest list at my house. I called all the people on your guest list and told them what time to come. It's 5:30 and I told the people to come at 6. So we have 30 mins to choose the food. I didn't do the food cause I didn't know what you wanted. I got potato chips, nacho cheese doritos, and cheetos" Jessica said.      "Uh I can make sandwiches. I don't know how many. I'll just a bunch" said Niana.       "Thank you so much" I said. Niana went inside to make the sandwiches.        "So what happened that I had to buy the stuff for the party?" Jessica asked.       "Well I had to go to the hospital to get stitches" I said while showing where I got stitches.       "Why?"      "Well I was driving. I was going to the store to buy the stuff for the party. On the way there, it started getting really foggy. Really foggy. I was still driving until I hit something. We slid across the road and crashed into a tree. It hit my trunk. My window is broken. I guess when the window broke glass cut me. I didn't feel anything. Niana got out of the car to see what we hit. We hit a person. We couldn't believe it but it was a person. I do wonder who we hit."        "Oh shit. At least you guys are okay."        "Yeah... Did you get any drinks?".    "Yeah I did".          "Where are they?".     "They are… what the hell where did they go?"          "You never got any" said Kevin.        "Oh…" she said.        "WHAT?! UGH!!! I'll call Monte to see if he has any" I said. I called Monte.       "Hello" he said.        "Do you have any sodas? Like so I can have them for the party" I said.        "You don't have soda for a party".        "Well... I didn't get the stuff. Jessica got the stuff. She forgot to get soda".           "Oh. Yeah I do have sodas. Which kind do you want?"          "What do you have?"         "I got Pepsi, Sprite, pineapple Fanta, orange Fanta, grape Fanta, Ginger Ale, Coca-Cola. Yeah that's it".           "Can you bring Pepsi, Sprite, pineapple and orange Fanta? If you have extra of those kinds that would be much more better. But come right please".            "Okay be right over. Bye."        "Bye". 
I hanged up.  Jessica and Kevin were arguing.      "I did not forget the sodas" Jessica said.      "YES YOU DID" Kevin said.        "NO I DIDN'T YOU WERE THE ONE WHO FORGOT TO REMIND ABOUT THE SODA" Jessica said.          "NO. I DID REMIND YOU. I REMINDED YOU THREE TIMES. YOU DECIDED NOT TO LISTEN TO ME" Kevin said.     "Oh" said Jessica.       "Yeah" said Kevin.      I started laughing.     
There is not gonna be enough bread. I only made 15 sandwiches. I walked out to the back.       "JACKIE THERE ISN'T ENOUGH BREAD!!!! I'LL BE RIGHT BACK. I'M GONNA GO TO MY HOUSE TO GET MORE BREAD!!!!" I yelled. "Ok" she said.  I got my purse and went to open the front door. When I opened the door, I saw a person at the end of the driveway. The person was face down. I left running to the end of the driveway. The person looked like a boy. He was blonde, but Monte is blonde too. HOLY SHIT IS IT MONTE?!  I kneeled on the ground. I heard something getting put down on the road. Then, I heard someone running. The person stopped running and walked over to the other side of the guy on the ground.       "Who is that" I heard the familiar voice of the person say.  I looked up.    "OMG MONTE!!!" I said.       "What?" he said.       "I thought you were this person" I said.         "Oh… well I'm not. Also look at the height of him. He is taller than me" Monte said.         "Well I didn't pay attention to that" I said.    "I can see. Well, I gotta give the sodas to Jackie" Monte said.           "And I have to go get bread from my house" I said.          "Oh okay bye"  he said.  I saw that Jackie came outside. She there on the porch. She didn't notice the guy on the ground.  She saw Monte with the sodas. Monte went up the driveway.           "Omg Monte you are a life saver" Jackie said while giving him a hug.   After that, I left home. I got the bread and went back.  When I got to her driveway, I saw the person sitting up at the end of the driveway.           "Hello" I said.     "Hi. I'm surprise your not screaming." he said.          "Why would I be screaming?" I asked.           "Well I am a celebrity. My name is Niall Horan. I'm from the band One Direction" he said.      "Oh nice to meet you Niall. My name is Niana" I said.       "Where am I?".         "You're in Woodsburgh".
"Oh".           "How did you get here?".   "I don't know. Can I use your phone quick?"            "Yeah sure".  I handed him my phone.  He started calling someone.   He said "hey Lou. Can you come and pick me up.... I'm in Woodsburgh.... Idk how I got here.... It's a girl named Niana, it's her phone.... Oh okay thanks bye". He handed me my phone back.   "So" I said.          "I'm gonna get picked up in a couple of hours" he said.         "Oh okay well you can stay at my place until you get picked up".         "Oh okay" he said.               "We have to go running before anyone else notices you" I said. We started running. We got to my house. I opened the door for him.          "Stay here. I won't tell anyone you ate here. I have to go" I said as I was walking out the door. I left running to Jackie's house. I was hoping she wasn't waiting for me. I looked at the time. SHIT. It was 6:20. I had 10 minutes left to make like over 25 other sandwiches. UGH! I walked into the house. Of course Jackie was there in the kitchen.          "WHAT THE HELL?! The party starts in 10 mintues and you only made 2.. 4 .. 15 sandwiches!!!" Jackie yelled.         "I'm sorry if we all work together me, you, Jessica, Monte, Kevin, and… hey when did Freddy come. Well Freddy is gonna help too. GUYS COME TO THE KITCHEN" I said. They all came into the kitchen.             "What they said.           "I need help on making sandwiches in less than 8 minutes. We all need to work together" I said.   "Okay" they all said.  We all started working on sandwiches.  After 6 minutes I checked to see how many sandwiches we have made. We have made 35 other sandwiches. So pulse the ones that I made... We have 50 sandwiches for the party.        "Okay guys that's enough sandwiches" I said. I put them all on a big plate and took them outside. I put them on the table where all the food was. With only 2 minutes to spare I started clean part of the kitchen. Jessica also helped me. We cleaned the counters and put the dirty knives and plates in the sink. That's when we saw the 1st person to come to the party.          "No time to wash the dishes" Jessica said. We walked outside to the party. Then more people started coming.

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