Killer On The Loose

Jessica Lopez, Niana Lang, Jackie Gonzalez, Kevin Martinez, Monte Walker, and Freddy Arias were all friends. Jessica and Jackie were best friends since Kindergarten. Kevin and Monte have been best friends since Kindergarten too. Jessica, Jackie, Kevin, and Monte are 17 years old. Niana is 18 and Freddy is 19. They live in Woodsburgh. It was a cold and wind night. They all turned on the tv to the news. On the news it said that a killer was loose in Woodsburgh. They all called Freddy to ask if they could stay at his place.
What will happen? Will someone get killed? Do the police catch the killer? Read my story Killer On The Loose to know.


2. Gotta Get Ready

I'm going to buy food for the party that I'm having. I already have people passing out the invites. I got my coat and keys. Then, went to my car. I waited for Niana to come. After 5 minutes Niana came.     "Hey ready to go shopping for the food and decoration?" Niana said.     "Of course I'm ready" I said.     "We are gonna go without Jessica" Niana asked.    "She is with Monte" I said while getting in the car. We were in the car. I started to engine and started driving.     "Does she like Monte" asked Niana.     "I don't know but I will ask her later at the party" I said smiling. We were passing by the woods. It started getting foggy. Really foggy.    "What the fuck" I said.     "It's foggy as fuck" Niana said. I kept driving. Suddenly, I hit something.    "HOLY SHIT" we said. We slid across the road. "AHHHHHH" we screamed. We crashed into a tree but it hit my trunk. I hit the wheel. Then, bumped my head into the window. Niana was about to hit the airbag area until she put her hands in front to block it. Instead she hit into her seat pretty hard.      "Owwww" we both said.    "My head hurts badly" I said. Then I looked at my window.     "HOLY SHIT MY WINDOW!!! IT'S BROKEN!!!!" I yelled.     "Uh Jackie, I think you need to go to the hospital. I think you might need to get stitches on the edge of your left eye. It's bleeding a lot, it stops at the your sideburns, and it looks pretty deep" said Niana.     "Your kidding" I said.              "No I'm not kidding" Niana said.       "What the hell did we fucking hit anyway" I said.     " I don't know but I'm gonna go check it" Niana said. 
I got out of the car. I turned around and started walking. I saw a figure on the ground just laying there dead. I got closer. I still couldn't see clearly. I got a little closer.      "Oh my gosh. W-we h-hit a p-person" I said. I turned around and started running. I opened the car door and said "HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT JACKIE WE HIT A FUCKING PERSON!!!!!! SWITCH SEATS RIGHT NOW!!!!!". We switched seats. I was in the drivers seat and Jackie on the passenger. I started driving. Surprisingly it still worked. I called Jessica.     "Hello" she said.    "Hey Jess. Um… can you go to the store and buy food and decorations for Jackie's party. We kinda have to go to the hospital. I will tell you why later. Okay thank you bye." I said.  I put my phone down and started driving faster. There was a cop car. I started driving slower but after I past the popo. I saw the lights go on.       "Shit shit shit shit shit shit" I said. I pulled over.    "I think you know why we pulled you over" the police officer said.     "Yes I know. I was driving too fast. I was driving fast because my friend has to go to the hospital. We got into an accident as you can see on the back of the car but she was driving then this happened" I said while showing him Jackie's face.     "And if I don't get there soon she might loose a lot of blood and die. I'm so…" I said. I got interrupted by the police officer.   "Ok I will let you go without a ticket go to the hospital fast now" he said.   "Thank you very much" I said while leaving. I started driving again. After 3.5 minutes, we got to the hospital. I parked the car, put on the brakes, turned the car off, got out of the car, opened Jackie's side car door, let her get out, grabbed her shoulder, and helped her get inside fast.   "My friend needs immediate attention. Please help her please." I yelled trying to get the nurse's attention. A nurse put her on one of those bed thingys and took her away. I sat in the waiting room. It took a pretty long time till she came out though.
"Ok sweetheart this will only pinch" a lady said. She put the needle through my cut. I didn't feel anything. Oh yeah they put something on it so it would make my cut numb. It took 15 minutes for her to finish.   "Okay Jackie now all you have is go to the store and get these pills" she said while handing me a paper. I grabbed it.   "Okay thank you every much lady" I said. She walked me out to the waiting room where I saw Niana. Niana got up and gave me a big hug.   "So you did need stitches" said Niana.    "Yeah I guess I did. We need to go to the store to get these pills." I said while handing Niana the paper. She grabbed it and read it.   "Oh okay let's go then" Niana said.   "Don't I have to pay for coming" I said.    "No your insurance payed" Niana said.   "Oh" was all I said. After that we left.  Niana was driving. We went to Walgreens and got my pills. Then after that we went driving back home.   "I wonder who we hit" Niana said.    "Yeah I wonder who" I said.

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