Killer On The Loose

Jessica Lopez, Niana Lang, Jackie Gonzalez, Kevin Martinez, Monte Walker, and Freddy Arias were all friends. Jessica and Jackie were best friends since Kindergarten. Kevin and Monte have been best friends since Kindergarten too. Jessica, Jackie, Kevin, and Monte are 17 years old. Niana is 18 and Freddy is 19. They live in Woodsburgh. It was a cold and wind night. They all turned on the tv to the news. On the news it said that a killer was loose in Woodsburgh. They all called Freddy to ask if they could stay at his place.
What will happen? Will someone get killed? Do the police catch the killer? Read my story Killer On The Loose to know.


1. The Passage

I was walking through the streets. It was raining. I was pasting Monte's house when suddenly he came out and said "Jessica!! What are you doing out in the cold rain?!?". "Um…" was all I said. Monte grabbed a coat and ran out to me. He was putting on his coat while he was running. "I was just gonna go… ahhhh" I said. I slip and rolled down a hill. "Ahhhhhh" I said. "JESSICA!!! R U OKAY?!?!" Monte yelled. "Ah I'm ouch kinda ow rolling ahh down a hill here OW" I said. I crash into a tree. Monte slid down here. He saw me on the floor. "Holy fuck. Jessica? Jessica? Jessica please answer me" Monte said. "Ow I'm fine" I answered. "Oh thank God" he said. Monte helped me up. "What the hell where are we?" I said. "Idk let's walk around and see" Monte said. We started walking around. "Woah check out this rock" I said. Monte came running. "That is awesome it has silver, blue, pink, red, white, silver, and green on it" he said. Oh my fucking gosh his eyes are beautiful. His eyes are hazel. He is blonde with short hair though. He is german. He is so hot oh my. I'm glad he is in my life. 
I think Jessica dozed off. I snapping my finger in front of her face. "Jessica... Jessica... JESSICA" I said while snapping in front of her face. "Ahhh what?! What happened?"  she said. "You're back" I said. "I was dead?" she said. "No" I said. "Oh let's look around more" she said. "Okay". We started looking around again. "Look at these beautiful flowers" said Jessica. I turned around. "They're pretty I guess" I said. I saw a creek. "Hey look a creek" I said. Jessica came running. "You did" she said. "So you thought I was lying?" "Well" "Is that a yes or a no?" "Yeah kinda" "Oh well you're nice" She started laughing. We heard someone screaming. "Shhhhh" I said to Jessica. "C'mon" I said. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in a bush. "Why are we" "shhhh duck down and hid". We ducked down. We saw a person. It was a teenage girl. She was running away from something. She saw the creek but didn't want to go through it. She just kept looking at the creek. Then suddenly she heard a stick break but not from us. She started screaming again. She was at the edge. She almost fell into the creek. We couldn't see who or what it was that she was screaming at. I'm the person or thing came a little closer because she moved back a little bit and fell into the creek frontward. The person or thing left running. We stood up. We went running to the creek. Jessica gasped. The girl was dead. She had a sharp rock go right through her heart. "Ouch" I said. Poor girl. "I wonder if she went to heaven or to hell where that bitch ass red thing lives" Jessica said. "Only she and God knows" I said. We started walking around again. We saw a tree with a craving saying DEATH. "Wow I wonder who craved that" I said. "Yeah" Jessica said. We started again.
I was getting kinda hungry. Then suddenly I saw a passage that I have never seen before. "Woah Monte look" I said while pointing at the passage. "Woah" he said. I started walling towards it. So did Monte. I stopped right in front of the passage. Monte was still walking. Hahaha he is still walking and he last name is Walker. He stopped halfway and said "C'mon Jessica". "No, you don't know what's on the other side" I said. "Oh c'mon you'll be safe with me" he said. I hesitated. "Ugh fine" I said. We walked throughout the passage. I closed my eyes because we were getting to the end of the passage. "Oh wow" said Monte "open your eyes it's nothing bad". I opened my eyes. It was a meadow with a pond on the right. It wasn't raining here. "Monte, it isn't raining here" I said. "True" he said. "We should bring the others" I said. "Right now?" Monte said. "Yeah sure why not?" I said. We started walking out and walking up the hill that I rolled down on. We separated Monte was going to Kevin's house and then Freddy's house. I was going to Niana's house and then Jackie's house. I got Niana and Jackie. Then we left to the hill I rolled down on. Monte was already there with Kevin and Freddy. "Hey" we all said. "So why did you bring us here" Kevin said. "Yea" the others agree. Monte smirked at me. "You'll see" Monte and I said. "Just follow us". We started walking down the hill. Past the pretty rock. Past the beautiful flowers. Past the creek. Past the craved tree. In front of the passage we were. We walked in. They saw the meadow. "It's beautiful" the girls said. "Woah" the guys said. I check my phone to see what time it was. It was 8:30. "Oh shit guys it 8:30. I think we should go home" I said. "Yea we should" said Monte. "Yeah" everyone else agreed. We walked to our homes.

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