My Perfect mistake

Written by: Kaylee and Sydney Barone
Cassidie Carter needed a getaway from her life. She was tired of her friends, parents, and just life in general. She went to the bridge and was ready to jump off until she was caught by Harry Styles. Will he just be her hero that she'll always owe or will there be something more?


1. The betrayal

Cassidie's POV

Just another boring, normal day at James Madison Highschool is what I thought when I woke up this morning. I got up and put on a pair of jeans a t-shirt and a hoodie, I then grabbed my pair of tan uggs and pulled them on my feet before pulling my hair into a braid. Grabbing my phone and my bag, I ran downstairas and grabbed a bottle of chocolate milk before I ran out into the boring, drizzly day. When I got to school I went to my locker, put my stuff away, and grabbed my english notebook. Then I began searching for my boyfriend Toby. "Hey Jimmy have you seen Toby?" I asked Toby's best friend. "I saw him in Mrs. Capezio's classroom with Stacie" he said referring to my best friend. I walked to the english teachers classroom to find the thing I'd never thought I'd see. Stacie and Toby were making out.

"How could you do this to me!?" I asked, screaming. "Cassidie. I-I thought you were sick" Toby said. "It's called I got better" I said. :What. You thought you guys would have a chance to sneak around behind my back? Well guess what you don't have to sneak around anymore! Stacie I thought you were my best friend but I guess not. You're just some worthless skank and you're never going to get friends acting like that!" Stacie opened her mouth to speak but I didn't let her say anything. I wasn't done speaking. "And Toby you said you loved me. You said you would always be there for me. You said you would never lie to me. Well thse were all LIES" I yelled running out of the classroom not caring about anything. Not caring about the tears stremaing down my face. Not caring about the worried expressions people were giving me. Not caring about Toby and Stacie's expressions when I yelled at them. I just ran. I didn't know where I was going but I somehow ended up at an old abandoned playground. I looked at my phone and I had text messages from Toby and Stacie. I ignored them and put my phone in my pocket and settled on the slide.

I must've dozed off because I woke up still on the slide with a crick in my neck. I checked the time on my phone and it was nearing 5 o clock in the evening. I had no missed calls or texts which is weird because usually at least my mom worries. Hurriedly I gathered my stuff and ran home. I was worried because my dad was a bit abusive when he drinks...which is always. I really hope he hadn't seriously injured my mother. I was running faster than ever. I ran into the house where my dad was beating my mom. I managed to slip back out of the house being unnoticed. I didn't know what to do. I was betrayed and my dad was abusive. My mom wasn't strong enough to stand up to my dad. Jiust like this morning I ran. I didn't even call the police. I didn't think about it. Looking back now I should have called them but I didn't think about anything but getting out of this life. I ran until I reached a bridge. Knowing what I had to do I got ready to jump.


Harry's POV

I was walking in a park and I spotted a bridge with a girl on it. The girl looked like she was ready to jump off the bridge. She began heaving herself up on to the railing and I began to run like I've never ran before. "HEY! WAIT! PLEASE DON'T JUMP!" I yelled The girl looked back at me and more hurriedly climbed to the top. I arrived and began climbing. When I was in arms reach of her I grabbed her and climbed back down. Her blue eyes were wide with fear and her blonde hair was in a messy braid. Since it was pouring down rain she was shivering and dripping wet.  She looked worn out and ready to give up. "Why were you about to jump off of that bridge?" I asked. The girl shrugged. "Why did you pull me back down here? I want to die. It's not like I was being murdered" she said lookng down at the ground. "Because I don't want you to die" I said truthfully. Nobody deserves to die. The girl looked up at me and gave me a sad smile. "Now why don't I take you back to my place and get you cleaned up" I said. The girl nodded. "I'm Harry by the way" I said. "I know. You're in One Direction. I'm Cassidie" she said. So she does know who I am. "Oh. Are you not a fan of one direction?" I asked. "No I love One Direction. I didn't want to scare you off" she said. "Oh. Makes sense. Girls freak out all the time" I said. This girl was definitely different but a good different.



A/N: I hoped you enjoyed the first chapter of my perfect mistake. This chapter was written by Kaylee with feedback and ideas from Sydney. So we'd appreciate if you would like, favorite and fan. Also check out the other story on this account. It's called My Best Friend's brother. Bye <3~ Kaylee and Sydney <3

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