My Perfect mistake

Written by: Kaylee and Sydney Barone
Cassidie Carter needed a getaway from her life. She was tired of her friends, parents, and just life in general. She went to the bridge and was ready to jump off until she was caught by Harry Styles. Will he just be her hero that she'll always owe or will there be something more?


3. Movie Night

Harry's POV

"So what do you say Mikaiela?" "Okay Harry I guess." "Okay be at my house at 7." I had asked Mikaiela to movie night at our house. Hopefully she would help me forget Cassidee but right now that seemed near impossible. I waved to Mikaiela before pulling out of her driveway. She smiled and waved before walking back inside her house.

Liam's POV

I walked in Starbucks but this time not for coffee. I was eager to ask Jennie out. The sooner I did it the sooner I could get Cassidee out of my head. I marched up to the counter ignoring the fans. "Oh hey Liam what do you want to order?" the brunette at the counter asked. "Actually I don't want to order anything. I have a question for you" I said. "Okay what is it?" Jennie asked. "Do you want to be my date for movie night at my house?" I asked confidently. Jennie smiled "Sure Liam." "Okay be there at 7" I said before walking back to my car. I was happy but I still couldn't get Cassidee out of my mind.

Cassidee's POV

Ever since Liam, Harry, and I had watched that movie the three of us hadn't talked much so I began getting closer to Niall. "Liam and Harry have been acting weird since that night Niall" I said. I had told Niall the story before."Yea" Niall said. :I really want to know what Harry was going to say" I said. "Well Cass it's pretty obvious" Niall said. "What do you mean?" I asked, pretty clueless. "Harry was obviously going to ask you out" Niall said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Maybe it was for him but not for me. "Wait what do you mean he was going to ask me out? Anyways why would Liam have a problem with it?" I asked, more confused then ever. "Liam obviously likes you too" Niall said rolling his eyes at my cluelessness. "I don't think so Niall" I replied laughing. "Trust me Cassidee. Two guys in the band don't usually fall for the same girl but when it happens I can definitely tell" Niall said. "I still doubt it Ni" I said heaving my self off the couch. Niall followed me to the kitchen where I got a cup of iced tea. "Cassidee it's hilarious how clueless you are" Niall said, laughing. "I am not clueless" I stated, sitting at the kitchen table. Maybe I am clueless. Maybe Niall's right and they do like me. But why would they like me? I'm just a girl who Harry saved some jumping off a bridge.

Niall's POV

It's funny how clueless Cassidee is. She doesn't realize how much Liam and Harry really like her. I don't blame them she is really pretty and sweet. I just like her as a sister or best friend though. "Niall. It's 6:40. We should get ready for movie night" Cassidee said. "You're right Cass. Let's pick the movies" I said following Cassidee to the living room. We picked out Toy Story, The notebook, Mama, and The avengers. Then Cassidee ran to put on her pajamas. When she came back down it was already 6;50 so I went to go put on my pajamas. When I came back Cassidee had set out chips, soda, and popcorn on the coffee table and Zayn and Louis were sitting on one of the couches. "Harry and Liam both texted me saying that they're coming and they are each bringing a friend" Casside said. As if on cue Harry and Liam both walked in each with a girl. The brunette with Liam looked familiar. She was from the starbucks counter. I'm pretty sure her name is Jennie. The girl with Harry was a redhead but didn't look familiar. Neither of them were very pretty. I could tell they were both to help them each forget about Cassidee.

"This is Jennie" said Liam. "And this is Mikaiela" said Harry. "I'm Cassidiee. I live with the boys." Liam and Harry both sat on the couch with their dates leaving me and Cassidee the beanbag chairs.Cassidee put on the movie and took a handful of popcorn and settled into her seat. "See I told you they didn't like me" whispered Cassidee. "This is just something to get you off of their minds Cassidee trust me" I said. Cassidee rolled her eyes and opened a can of coca-cola.

Harry's POV

Even with Mikaiela sitting next to me I couldn't take my eyes off of Cassidee. I saw her whisper something in Niall's ear. She rolled her eyes when Niall whispered something in her ear. Then they both went back to watching the movie. Maybe it was Niall that she liked. Maybe they were secretly dating. Bringing Mikaiela here was one of the stupidest things I've ever done. Now Cassidee will think I'm not available.Gosh sometimes I just don't think,

Liam's POV

I really don't know what I was thinking bringing Jennie here. Now Cassidee's going to think she';s my girlfriend and she'll never like me. I saw Cassidee whisper in Niall's ear and then Niall whispered in Cassidee's ear. They then went back to watching the movie. I hope Niall doesn't start liking her too. Then we're going to have to settle this with three people. I know we are going to have to settle this because I'm not over Cassidee and I can tell Harry's not over her because he keeps staring at her.

I knew what I needed to do. "Niall. Harry. May I please speak to the two of you in the kitchen?" I asked. Niall and Harry both stood up and followed me into the kitchen each of their faces had confusion written all over them.

"What did you need us for Liam?" Niall asked. "Yea we're missing your favorite movie" Harry said. "Niall do you like Cassidee?" I asked. "No but it's pretty obvious the two of you do. I can tell that Mikaiela and Jennie are just girls to help you get over Cassidee but it's obviously not working. You both really like her but only one of you can have her. You're going to have to figure this out some way" Niall said. "Wow is it really that obvious?" I asked. Niall nodded. That's when both Jennie and Mikaiela walked in the kitchen.

"Hey Liam. I'm going to leave. It's pretty obvious that you like Cassidee and I'm okay with that. I want you to be happy Liam and Cassidee will make you happy" Jennie said. "Thanks Jennie. You're awesome" I said giving her a hug. She smiled before leaving the house. Mikaiela following behind.

Harry's POV

Mikaiela and Jennie showed up in the kitchen wanting to talk to Liam and I. "Harry listen. I'm going home. Next time you invite me over make sure you have your feelings for the blonde under control" Mikaiela said before following Jennie out of the house. I couldn't care less. Now back to the Cassidee situation.

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