My Perfect mistake

Written by: Kaylee and Sydney Barone
Cassidie Carter needed a getaway from her life. She was tired of her friends, parents, and just life in general. She went to the bridge and was ready to jump off until she was caught by Harry Styles. Will he just be her hero that she'll always owe or will there be something more?


4. Interruptions

Liam's POV
After Jennie and Mikaela left I turned back to Niall and Harry. "Listen we need to figure out who gets Cassidee" I said. "Or Cassidee could decide herself" Harry said. I nodded and Niall went to get her.
"Hey guys! Where did Jennie and Mikaela go?" Cassidee asked. 
"Um they left" Harry said.
"Harry and Liam have something to ask you" Niall said.
"Okay what?" Cassidee asked confused. Harry looked at me and took a deep breath.
Cassidee's POV
Apparently Liam and Harry need to ask me something and I'm kind of nervous. I just have a feeling that it's going to be something I'm not going to want to answer.
Harry and Liam exchanged a look and then Harry took a deep breath. "Liam and I-" Harry began to say but Zayn ran in. "We need to get Louis to the hospital. A vase fell on his head and he passed out. Hurry" Zayn exclaimed. "Did you call 911!?" I yelled. Zayn nodded. As if on cue I began to hear sirens. We ran out of the kitchen and answered the door for the paramedics. 
~An hour later~ 
We were at the hospital and Louis is still unconscious. They were now operating on him because the glass was stuck in his head. 
The guys and I were in the waiting room. Harry was pacing the waiting room, eager for news. When the doctor came in the room Harry practically tackled him. "I assume you're all here for Lewis Tomlinson?" "IT'S LOUIS" Harry yelled bursting into tears. I ran up and hugged him tightly. "Harry. Harry it's okay" I said. 

"We're here for Louis" said Liam coming up behind us. 
"Okay well he's in a bit of a coma. Not a serious deep one. He should be out of it soon" the doctor said. Harry cried more. I hugged him tighter. "Can we see him?" Liam asked. The doctor nodded and led us to the room. At the sight of Louis laying unconscious with stitches in his head Harry broke down. I hugged him more. "Harry. Harry Louis will be fine. Calm down." I brought Harry over to the window and looked out with him. "Remember when you saved me from jumping off the bridge? Well now it's my turn to save you from this" I said embracing him. The boys were not in the room right now. Harry then did the unexpected and leaned in. His plump lips met mine. It caught me off guard but I actually liked it. 
The door opened and I turned around pulling away from Harry. "Liam." 

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