Fight for Love or Die Trying *Season 2*

Season 2 of the SQUEAL TO -- "Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend"

Knowing that you can't be with the one you love hurts. well that was what both Justin and Summer were going through. their love was so strong, but when their secret come out, their love, their relationship fell apart. Summer was taken away from Justin. So....... we start from......
What happened to Justin and Summer now that their not together? Have they both found new love? Will they finally be together? Maybe someone will come in between them? But for Justin and Summer will it be easy OR will they have to FIGHT FOR LOVE OR DIE TRYING?
Characters: Justin, Summer, Chaz, Josh.... AND MORE!

**CONTAINS** Drama, Sex, Love, Hurt.


7. Party 7- Summer's Birthday day *Part 2*

It was Nick. Nick was here to celebrate my birthday, but for some reason i thought it would be Justin. Guess i was wrong. "Hey Summer, you ready?" He said, walking up to me. "Oh yeah I totally forgot" I replied. He kissed my cheek. "Happy birthday Summer" "Thanks" I blushed. "Well you two go have fun" my aunty said, winking at me. I rolled my eyes. Nick took my hand and we walked out the door. "So I was thinking, lunch in the park. It's a beautiful day just for the beautiful birthday girl" he said. "Oh nick, you didn't have too" "But I did." He helped me into his car. Suddenly my phone lit up. I got excited thinking its Justin. But when I looked down, it was Chaz. TEXT: "Happy Birthday Summer. Hope to see you soon" I replied back. TEXT: "Thank You Chaz. I hope to be back soon" So Chaz sent a message but not Justin? Not even a call. I was sad. "What's wrong?" Nick asked me. I held back my tears. "Nothing. Today is going to be a great day" I said.   We arrived at the park. It was a beautiful day. Nick helped me out of the car and took me over to where he had already set up the picnic. "This is amazing, you didn't have to do this Nick" Suddenly he turned me around to face him. "Summer, this is hard. I know you have a boyfriend but I can't stop my feelings for you. I love you Summer. Us meeting at the coffee shop. I can't stop thinking about you" he said. He pulled out a black box. i opened it and it was a sliver necklace. i was speechless, so I stared into his eyes. Nick was amazing. But I was with Justin. Was I? Yes.... No.... Justin gave me that promise ring, he asked for my hand in marriage. But yet here I was no text, no call from Justin. I'm spending my birthday with Nick. Before I had time to say anything, I felt Nick's lips pressed on mine. I wanted to pull away. But instead I kissed back. Closing my eyes I pictured me and Justin, all the fun and bad times we had but it was us, no one else. I pulled back. "I'm so sorry Summer. I know you have a boyfriend" "I do, but...." I cut off. "Alright, well lets have lunch and" he held my hands "just remember that I am here. Friends or more then friends I am here" he said. Was I falling for Nick? "Yeah let's have lunch" I said, to shy to say anything else. Please call me Justin. Please show me we're still together, that you love me. Please....

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