Fight for Love or Die Trying *Season 2*

Season 2 of the SQUEAL TO -- "Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend"

Knowing that you can't be with the one you love hurts. well that was what both Justin and Summer were going through. their love was so strong, but when their secret come out, their love, their relationship fell apart. Summer was taken away from Justin. So....... we start from......
What happened to Justin and Summer now that their not together? Have they both found new love? Will they finally be together? Maybe someone will come in between them? But for Justin and Summer will it be easy OR will they have to FIGHT FOR LOVE OR DIE TRYING?
Characters: Justin, Summer, Chaz, Josh.... AND MORE!

**CONTAINS** Drama, Sex, Love, Hurt.


5. Part 5- Justin and Chaz's Club Night *Rated R - Sex Scene*

so me and Chaz went to a strip club. i wanted to kill him. but i couldn't blame him. i mean it's not his fault that he was caught up in all of this.
"Chaz, a strip club seriously?" i asked.
"Justin, you need to have fun. come on" he winked at me.
we walked in and my eyes went straight to the stage, there was a girl with no bra on. her boobs were massive.
"I hate this" i said.
"Justin, you'll always love Summer. but she's not here. you can't always be sad" Chaz said, walking to the chairs that were at the stage.
i caught up with him and sat down. he ordered drinks, to which we drank. another and another and another. the girl on stage looked at me. she bent down, her boobs right in my face.
"hello sexy" she winked.
"hey" i said, not to excited.
i drank about another 3 drinks, before i started to get a dizzy.
"Chaz i'm going home" i turned to face him. "Chaz?"
where did he go? i got up from the sit and searched the whole club. girls after girls were throwing themselves at me. i finally saw Chaz making-out with a girl backstage.
"Chaz?" i asked.
"what Justin? i'm busy, go have fun man"
suddenly i felt a pair of hands wrap themselves around me. i turned to see a blonde haired girl. she was naked.
"what's a sexy guy like you doing back here?" she asked.
her hands moved around up to my neck. she leaned in closed to me. i could feel her boobs on me. 
"i was getting my friend" i told her.
she smiled. "you sure? cause he seems to have everything under control"
she leaned in more towards, her lips brushing against mine and then she kissed me.
"what the fuck are you doing?" i said, pushing her away from me.
suddenly i felt faint. i saw the girl come up to me again and wrap her arms around my neck.
"relax, baby. let me take care of you" she smiled.
i laughed. "haha, no no baby. mmmm... you sexy thing. why don't i take care of you" i winked at her.
"i can see it takes a while before you finally get drunk baby" she kissed me again.
she slowly pulled me over to a couch, where i sat down with her getting on top of me. she began to roam her hands up and down my body.
"baby, maybe we should get you out of these clothes. loosen you up a bit"
i smiled at her. "i would take your off, but you already did that for me"
she leaned into my ear. my hands wrapped around her body, holding her closer to me.
"how about, me and you get out of here. go back to your place and we can have more fun" she licked my ear.
"i like the sound of that sexy" i kissed her neck, she giggled.
we got up from the couch, she walked away to grab her things and get dressed. i went over to Chaz.
"dude, you going to be okay? i'm going home" i said to him.
i held my head. it felt like it was on fire. ugh! i need another drink.
"yeah man, okay, go get some. you need to fuck her hard" Chaz said, while the girl was bouncing on his dick.
we fist bumped. i started walking with the girl out of the club and into the car. as i was driving us back to my house, i felt her hand rub my dick through my pants.
"you like that baby?" she asked.
i nodded. it felt so good. i couldn't wait to go home and fuck her.
"what if i do this?"
next thing i hear, she unzipped my pants and took my dick out. i quickly look at her who was moving her head down on my lap. she kissed my dick
"oh god" i said.
she grabbed it, began rubbing it. i felt instant pleasure coming. i tired my hardest to keep my eyes awake, to keep my eyes on the road. my head pounding badly. my drinking those last 3 drinks was a bad idea?
"oh fuck... oh fuck...!" i looked down to see her sucking my dick.
luckly before anything could happen, we arrived home. i zipped my pants up and we walked to the front door. she grabbed and squeezed my ass tight. but as soon as i opened the door and let us in, i grabbed her. pushed her hard against the door.
"you think you're going to get away with that sexy?" i said to her.
"yes" she smirked.
i crashed my lips into hers.
i lifted her legs up around my waist, my hand squeezed her butt as out kiss deepened.
"What's your name babe?" i said to her.
"mmmm.... It's Lucy"
"Nice, let's go upstairs" i said, carrying her.

I laid her down and got on top. we managed to get our clothes off while going upstairs.
"ohhh Justin, you're such a good kisser" she said.
i smirked. "you haven't seen anything yet baby" i softly kissed her lips.
her hands wrapped around my neck, as i kissed and sucked her neck. I began to move my hips up and down her body. my dick hitting her pussy.
"Fuck Justin! Stick it in now!" she demanded.
i sucked her neck a bit harder. i grabbed my dick with my left hand, put a condom on before i placed it on her pussy and then i stuck it in.
"ohhhh you're so BIG!" she screamed
"yeah, fuck fuck fuck!" i said.
i was thrusting inside her fast and hard. my head was pounding form the alcohol that i had at the club. i grabbed hold of her boobs, squeezing them hard
"AHHHH you fucker! that hurts!" she said.
"to bad slut!" i said back to her.
she smirked. "slut huh?"
Next thing she turned us around, i held on to her hips. she come down to my ear.
"i'll show you how much of a slut i am baby" she licked my cheek.
this chick was fucking turning me on. she began to sway her hips in circles, her boobs in my face.
"mmmm... Justin"
without wasting time, she then started bouncing on my dick. i couldn't hold it no more.
"AHHH BABE! FUCK YES! SO GOOD! SUMMER FUCK ME HARDER!" i screamed, close to my release.
she stopped. "what the fuck? who the fuck is Summer? your girlfriend?"
"shut up bitch! fucking ride me" i said.
she smiled "of cause handsome"
she went faster and faster. every second she bounced on my dick, thrusting inside her pussy even futher. i could feel myself releasing. so i turned us back around, me on top.
"Justin i love your dick inside me" she said, kissing my lips.
Finally my cum come. releasing into my condom. i laid down next to her. wrapped my arms around her. i looked at her, she was already sleeping.
"i love you Summer" i kissed her forehead, holding her. "you and me forever Summer"
and with that, knowing i'll have a massive headache and a hangover in the morning, i closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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