Fight for Love or Die Trying *Season 2*

Season 2 of the SQUEAL TO -- "Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend"

Knowing that you can't be with the one you love hurts. well that was what both Justin and Summer were going through. their love was so strong, but when their secret come out, their love, their relationship fell apart. Summer was taken away from Justin. So....... we start from......
What happened to Justin and Summer now that their not together? Have they both found new love? Will they finally be together? Maybe someone will come in between them? But for Justin and Summer will it be easy OR will they have to FIGHT FOR LOVE OR DIE TRYING?
Characters: Justin, Summer, Chaz, Josh.... AND MORE!

**CONTAINS** Drama, Sex, Love, Hurt.


4. Part 4- Justin's birthday gift to Summer is untouched.

It was Friday already. i couldn't believe it's been 2 weeks already. 2 weeks ago that i spoke to Justin. i haven't heard from him since that night we spoke on the phone. my auntie let me off today so i went hang out with Nick, which was great. we got to know each other very quickly. been going out for a week now, not as an actual date, just as friends and his great. i told him about everything that has happened and why i was here.
-"man, your bro is very protective" he said.
-"yeah he is" i lowed my head.
-"do you miss Justin?"
-"very much. we only talk on the phone but it's hard. i want to see him, touch him"
he placed his arm around me. -"why doesn't he come here?"
-"he doesn't want my brother doing anything to me. he wants to respect my brothers wishes"
-"This Justin guy sounds like his amazing. he would have done or do anything for you. this is coming from a guy myself"
i laughed. -"haha. yeah he is was the best thing ever to happen"
It's been 3 weeks... only another 2 months. great... not!
-"oh, sorry. do you mind if i take this Nick?" i asked.
-"go ahead"
i got up and answered my phone.
-"hi Summer"
it was Josh. why was he calling me now?
-"i don't want to talk to you Josh. you haven't called or seen me for 3 weeks!"
-"please Summer, listen! look... i just want to know how you're doing?"
how i'm doing? is he on drugs?
-"i'm not doing so good Josh! you took me away from Justin!!" i began to lose my cool with him.
-"it was for your safety Summer"
-"my safety? you know what Josh? if you've just called to tell me how i still can't see Justin or move back then this conversation is over... goodbye!" and i hung up
-"your brother i'm guessing?" Nick said, coming up behind me
-"yeah. i still can't believe him"
-"have you called Justin today?" he asked.
-"i've tried, but he doesn't seem to have his phone with him. i'll try again later"
-"should we head back then?" he said to me 
i nodded. -"yeah"

we got back to my house
-"So, i'll see you tomorrow?" Nick asked.
i smiled. -"yeah of cause"
he kissed my cheek and walked off. i closed the door and headed to my room. i picked up the little box that Chaz had left for me a week ago. yes tomorrow, Saturday the 11th is my brithday. but i still hadn't opened my gift from Justin.
as i got out of the car, i walked up to the front door. even though, i was let off work early i had to come home with my auntie.
-"oh who's that for? and who's it from?"
i picked it up. it was a sliver box, with purple ribbon. it only meant one thing... this was the gift from Justin. Chaz must have just dropped it off. i felt sad. i wanted to talk to him, see if Justin was alright.
-"Summer? who's it from?" my auntie asked again.
-"it's for me, for my birthday... from a friend"
-"oh that's nice" and she walked inside.
i knew it was from Justin. i went straight upstairs into my room. i got on my bed and began to undo the ribbon. but then my phone rang. i checked it, it was Nick. i smiled.
-"hello Nick"
-"Hey Summer. look i just wanted to make sure about next week? we still doing it?"
i got up from my bed and walked over to my window.
-"yeah we are" i smiled again.
-"cool. alright talk later beautiful"
short phone call but he made me smiled.
-"Summer, get ready. we are having friends over" my auntie called.
the night went well. I met a new friend. Her name was Jules.
"So Summer, any boys that you like around here?" she asked.
we were in my room. Just being girls.
"I have a boyfriend already, his name is Justin"
did i still have Justin? he hasn't called. well i haven't called him too. i hope his alright.
"Oh that's cute" she said.
"Who do you like?" i asked her.
"A lot of boys" she winked.
"ummm... okay"
"yeah, have you slept with Justin yet?"
should i tell her? i don't want to lose her as a friend.
"Yes i have. but that's the reason why i'm here"
i told her the whole story.
"I'm so sorry Summer. i truly am"
"That's my mum. Listen Summer, I heard it's your birthday next week? let's do something on the day" she smiled.
we hugged and she left...

so here i was now, a day before my birthday and finally with the present that Justin got me. i undid the purple bow and lifted the box lid. To see a note first...
With my name on it...



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