Fight for Love or Die Trying *Season 2*

Season 2 of the SQUEAL TO -- "Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend"

Knowing that you can't be with the one you love hurts. well that was what both Justin and Summer were going through. their love was so strong, but when their secret come out, their love, their relationship fell apart. Summer was taken away from Justin. So....... we start from......
What happened to Justin and Summer now that their not together? Have they both found new love? Will they finally be together? Maybe someone will come in between them? But for Justin and Summer will it be easy OR will they have to FIGHT FOR LOVE OR DIE TRYING?
Characters: Justin, Summer, Chaz, Josh.... AND MORE!

**CONTAINS** Drama, Sex, Love, Hurt.


3. Part 3- Justin's in Pain. His Heart Broken.

*Justin's POV*
-"you've been in this room for 2 weeks, starting your 3rd. don't you think you should get up and leave it?" Chaz was telling me.
he doesn't understand. the only thing that was good in my life and she was gone.
-"i get up and leave it. i go talk to Josh and then come back here"
i tried speaking to Josh everyday since Summer was gone. he just didn't want to listen.
*FLASHBACK* 3 days after Summer was gone
i walked to his house and knock on it. Josh opens it and rolls his eyes.
-"what do you want Justin?"
-"please Josh. bring Summer back. it's not her fault. it's mine. okay? you blame me, hate me, kill me. but i will always love Summer"
-"you're wasting your time Justin. Summer is not coming back just because you say so. what you and her did is unforgivable"
-"what? we didn't do anything! we love each other and if showing that is so bad, then sorry Josh. but i would do it again"
next thing i knew i was covering my face. Josh punched me. did i want to punch him back? yes. but i couldn't.
-"DON'T YOU EVER SAY THAT TO ME! YOU TOOK AWAY HER INNCOENTS!" and with that he slammed the front door.
i walked back into my house, trying to stop the bleeding.
-"shit Justin. what happened?"
-"he punched me. i deserve it" i said.
-"the fuck you don't!" Chaz got up from the couch and was heading to the door.
-"don't bother Chaz. he won't listen"

the next day, i woke up. checking my face in the mirror, the bruise is big and black... but I then tried again. i went to Josh and said sorry for what i said yesterday but i couldn't help my feelings towards Summer
-"we were friends Justin. i let you into my home and what did you do? you were dating Summer behind my back, after i told you the story about i didn't like guys dating Summer and i would kill them"
-"you can't stop me or Summer from falling in love. we kept it a secret because we both knew what you are like"
-"oh so it's my fault?" he asked.
-"Josh please, you might think this is the best but it's not. i'm hurting, Summer is hurting. not seeing her brother? have you even gone to visit her?"
he looked down. it's been 4 days now.
-"have you even called her?" i asked.
-"stay out of my business Justin. i will see or call Summer if i want too. now goodbye"
and he slammed the door. when he looked down, i knew he didn't visit her and that was sad. her own brother hasn't seen her. i went back to my house, only to hear my phone ringing. i took it out of my pocket and saw the caller ID. it was Summer.
-"Summer?" i asked happily.
-"Justin, i've missed you"
hearing that made my heart melt.
-"i missed you too baby"
-"you're sad?" she asked
-"yes. i was coming back from your brother's house. i was asking him to let you come home. he said no"
-"Justin, i can't take it anymore. i really can't"
what's that meaning? is she going to break up with me?
-"are you breaking up with me Summer?"
-"oh Justin. no of cause not baby. i just can't take this. i hate it here."
-"me too and it's only been a week. i want to visit you so badly, but i don't want to get you in trouble" i told her.
i never want Summer hurt. i want her to be happy.
-"Baby, i have to go. my auntie is calling. i love hearing your voice, it gets me through the day"
-"same here babe. i'll miss you Summer. call me when you can okay?"
-"okay baby"
and with that, she hung up. this was just getting harder and harder.
-"Dude, we're going to a club tonight" Chaz said.
-"i'm not in the mood"
-"you need to go out. it'll help with easing your mind off Summer"
i looked straight at him. -"my mind is always and will always be on Summer"
-"i understand that Justin, but give it a go? tonight, we'll go out, have a boys night"
i did feel bad for making Chaz come and having to put up with me like this. -"okay. tonight"
I wish Summer was here to go with me. It's only been 2 weeks, but it feels like forever...

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