Dawn and Dusk

Vidian, usually called Dawn by her late mother, is 5'6", is 17, has wicked short blonde hair, blue eyes and is a normal girl, until the night her parents are murdered, and all fingers are pointing at her. Vidian has a scar that goes under her eye, and runs from the right side of her forehead, to the middle of her left cheek from the night of the killing, and doesn't tell anyone about the blob they gave it to her. Everyone thinks Vidian killed her parents...... everyone except for Keith. Keith, 18 years old, usually called Dusk, Vidian's mom's nickname for him, is Vidian's boyfriend, and the only one who believes in Vidian. Who is behind all of this? I also dedicate this book to a very good friend of mine T. Miles. ©2013 Sophia Bean


1. Prologue: The Horrible Night

Prologue; The Horrible Night

Vidian's P.O.V:

This night, just like any other night, was same old same old. Until I wake up at Midnight, because I hear this weird thumping sound, which I quickly identify as footsteps.

 I lay there still for a moment, until the footsteps get louder. I slowly pull the covers off of myself, and I get up, slipping my black Converse sneakers on, it really doesn't matter 'cause I'm already dressed in black skinny jeans, a plain black t-shirt and a long sleeved denim jacket. 

I cautiously open my bedroom door, and I carefully tiptoe towards my parents' bedroom, to see if they're alright. I look down at the floor by my feet, and I see muddy prints of some kind. I try focusing on them, but they're to abstract. So I continue walking to my parents' room.

I hear growling coming from the other side of their door, and the panicked voice of my mother saying, "Oh my gosh, Bruno, what is that?!?!?"

Bruno is my father, his voice quivers a bit when he says, "I don't know." 

The growling gets louder, and I panic. I open the door, and the look in my mom's eyes, just about killed me. It's dark so all I can make out is this dark furry blob.

I try to quickly get over to my parents' bed, so I can protect them, but before I get there, the thing claws at my face, it gets my face, and gets me good.

I fall to the floor, clutching my face, as a single scream escapes out of my mouth. My mom turns pale, and rushes over to me, but the thing bites her in the middle of the back before she gets to me, and she collapses on the floor, sobbing.

My dad gets over to mom as fast as he can, and squeezes her hand saying, "Please."

I look at the blob, and it's about to pounce on dad, "DAD, LOOK OUT!!!!" I scream.

He turns around, but not fast enough, the blob bites the back of his neck, HARD, so hard I can hear bone crushing. Scared out of my mind, I pull my cellphone out of my pocket, and I automatically dial 9-1-1.

"State your emergency!" The operator says, and the rest of the conversation goes like this;

"My parents are dying!" I try not to scream.

"Ma'am, calm down, I need your name and address."

"My name is Vidian, and I live at 288 shadow lane, HURRY!!!" The line then goes dead, I look over at dad, somehow, I just know he's gone.

I then look over at mom, seeing that she's still breathing, I go over to her saying, "Mom, please don't leave me!! I need you!"

She smiles at me and says, "Dawn, I love you so much, and I'm very proud of you." Dawn is a nickname mom gave me, 'cause I'm bright.

She then goes quiet and still, and her eyes shut. I lay my head on her stomach, and I cry my eyes out until the ambulance gets here. 

I hear the sirens of the ambulance, I pick my head up, a little scared, I go hide in the closet. They take mom and dad's bodies away, and I try not to make a sound while they do it. 

Once they're gone, I slowly come out of the closet, and I rush to the bathroom, still clutching my face. I open up every single drawer, until I find the gauze. I pick up the gauze roll, and I close the drawer. I look in the mirror, blood is spattered all over my clothes, I cautiously pull my hand away, looking at the giant scratch the thing gave me. The scratch starts at the right side of my forehead, and runs to the middle of my left cheek, I'm glad it runs under my eye, and not over it. I rip off a good sized piece of gauze, and I wrap it around the scratch, tying it behind my head. 

I put the roll back, and I try not to cry my eyes out. I'm already in my clothes for the day, and I'm still trying to get over this while situation. I go over to my parents' bed, and I just fall asleep.

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