Hers to Lose.....

****MODERN ENJONINE****Ever since Enjolras saw her at the cafe, he has never been the same. Slowly growing kinder, and softening up. Caring more about others. Will the mystery girl be the one to break the coldness within? E/E Modern AU


18. Why?

Eponine finally sat down.

"'T's all done!" She sighed into the phone.

Cosette was throwing a party just for fun, for the Amis.

"Yay!" Cosette exclaimed, sounding like a young child.Eponine rolled her eyes. "You, by the way, are wearing one of my dresses!"

"No! No! I will not!" Eponine jumped up.

Enjolras chuckled on the phone, hearing the conversation. "Just wear a dress and make us-I mean her-happy."

"Fine." She gave in and chuckled because of Enjolras, and hung up so she could get ready.

Eponine was forced into a knee-length black slim dress that was form fitting. Cosette brushed her hair into a fishtail braid and did cat eye eyeliner on her.

"Awww! You look SO pretty!" Cosette gushed.

This caused Eponine to sigh, but when she turned around, it wasn't her she saw. It was someone else. Someone.... Gorgeous.... Amazing.... Someone who was confident all out. (Eponine didn't think of herself that way.) Eponine just stared.

"Now smile and actually have fun!" Cosette chuckled and dragged her friend downstairs.

She had left the door unlocked and everyone was there except Grantaire.

As soon as Enjolras saw Eponine, his jaw dropped, gaping like a fish.

"Keep your mouth closed or you'll get flies." Courfeyrac chuckled.

Enjolras glared at his friend.

Eponine sat down next to him and he wrapped his arm around her. "Make you happy?" She asked.

She had heard his mistake in the conversation earlier."yep!" He chuckled. "Look!" He pointed to Joly and Azelma.She noticed how close they were standing and bit of movements. Then she pieced it together. They were dating. Eponine was wide-eyed." Yes! They are." He told her.

Finally, the door bell rang. There stood Grantaire and a gorgeous girl Eponine's age. She had brown hair and very brown eyes. She was very tan and skinny. She was four or five inches shorter than Grantaire himself. The girl was very smiley and laughed a lot. She even had a spring in her step.

She spring-stepped over to where we were sitting. "Hey! I'm Massie. Massie Shaffer." She told us happily.

"Eponine. Eponine Thenardier." Eponine told her.

"Enjolras." Was the only think Enjolras said.

"You're a Thenardier? Aren't they...

thieves?" She asked.

"What are you talking about?" Eponine asked Massie.

"They were just in the news. Arrested for beating their children." Massie said.

"What?" Eponine's eyes widened.

With that Eponine dashed out.


Eponine found herself sitting in front of Cosette's house in her car. She kept replaying the day's events in her head. Maybe, Eponine shouldn't have rushed out like that. Eponine had her iPhone out. She had worked hard the past year to get it. A single memory had played inside of her head on repeat. The moment she had watched the news report clip. Her heart was beating at a inhuman rate as she thought about the upcoming trial that had not yet been scheduled.

'Today, we are at the house of the notorious Thenardier's home. The Thenardier's took part in many crimes and thefts globally. The tip we received anonymously stated that the parents abuse their children named Eponine, 18, Azelma, 17, and Gavroche, 10. It also stated where the family's whereabouts might be. The neighbors have told us that they hear screams from that house on a daily basis. Now, I do say so myself, that I feel for those children. This had been Katie Couric, reporting to you live. Back to you, Jones!' This was the one thing that Eponine was thinking about.

'Get a grip, Eponine!' Eponine mentally smaked herself.

Eponine was on the verge of tears. What to do? What to do? Could she run? What will happen? Will she and her siblings be asked to testify against their parents? These are questions Eponine Thenardier asked herself. The most important question rang loud and clear. What will happen to us?

Eponine had just began to go into panic mode, when she got a grip of herself and figured out a solution. 'Just go on like nothing happened.' She had thought.Eponine unlocked her door again and pulled herself together. After all, You got to get up and try. (P!nk's Try lyric).'C'mon. Pull it together.'

Eponine finally took a deep breath and walked back in. Enjolras shot her a concerned look.
"What?" He mouthed to her.
"They caught them...." She mouthed back.

Enjolras smiled at Eponine. Eponine just frowned in return.

"What?" Enjolras mouthed again.

Eponine sat down next to him, pulling him close enough to whisper," What if they take Gav and Azelma away? Whoever caused this will face my rath! I won't ever forgive them." She was dead serious.

Enjolras felt his heart drop and a pang of guilt. Eponine noticed his expression that was nervous and ignored it. After all, he couldn't have tipped the police. Could he?

"Alright." She sighed." Azelma. Gavroche. Go on like nothing has happened. I will sort it out." Eponine took a shakey breath. "There will most likely be a upcoming trial, in which we will have to testify in. In doing so, we can put them where they belong. However, I may not be able to get custody of you." Eponine let a single tear run down her cheek. "You might be put in foster care locally. Or worse.... You." She sniffed softly and seemed to tear up." You may be taken out of country." Pulling herself together, she concluded with this last promise, saying it as loudly as she could." And I swear to God, Whoever did this, better watch out. They may have had our best interest in mind, but I will make their lives a living hell."

Azelma and Gavroche nodded. Eponine realized the silence in the room. Everyone had listened to her, and they wore shocked exspressions.

"Even if they are your friends?" Enjolras asked quietly.

"Why? Ya guilty of somethin'? Did you do this?" Eponine questioned. "And... Yes... Even if they happen to be a friend."

"Eponine, are you sure you aren't being abrupt with this? You could be making irrational desicions! you should think about this!" Cosette asked her.

"Oh, yes, I am completely sure!" She snapped. Eponine's eyes were as wide as saucers and she wore a crazed look. "C'mon Zel. We need to finish this in private."

"That won't be nessscary." A unfamiliar male voice called from the door.

Eponine turned around, truly shocked. There was a man and female, both in late forties, standing in the door. They were in a navy blue, almost black, uniform and were armed. The man and woman's badges shone brightly in light of the living room.

"Planning to avoid us, huh? Well, that won't work. You would have to face us sooner or later anyways." The woman very frankly stated.

Eponine frowned. Azelma and Gavroche simultaneously sighed and furrowed their brows.

"Anyways, the city of Paris has managed to get custody of you. Well, more like Gavroche. Since Eponine is 18, she doesn't have to go into foster care. Azelma, you can choose to live with your sister until your 18." The man said.

Azelma gasped and grabbed hold of Joly, who looked as shocked as Eponine.

Gavroche threw his arms around Eponine and whispered, "Don't let them take me Eppy."

Eponine finally spoke. "You-You-You can't do this! You can't take them away from me! You horrible people!" Eponine started to cry, for the first time letting down her defenses in front of everyone.

Eponine letting down her defenses shocked everyone. No one ,except Enjolras, had seen her cry. This made everyone see Eponine differently, more like them than the tough girl act she always put on.

"Yes, I am afraid we can." The woman had told them.

"Just let Gavroche go. He will be safe." Enjolras spoke softly.

"You! You tipped the police! You're the reason they are taken away from me! I trusted you! I-I-I can't believe you! How could you do such a horrible thing?" Eponine yelled, truly shocked. " I swear to God. I will NEVER forgive you. Did everyone hear that? NEVER! Not unless you find a solution to this." Eponine practically screamed that last part.

The police looked at Eponine with pity and concern." I wanna stay with Eponine!" Azelma almost whispered. The police nodded and took Gavroche by the arm.

The man and woman then put him in a unmarked black van and drove away.

Eponine mumbled a excuse and ran out. Azelma abandoned Joly for a hot second and ran out to get her sister.

Azelma was almost shocked to find her eldest sister sobbing. "Go away!" Eponine yelled.

"I'm surprised it took you this long to break for once." Azelma went straight to the point. This statement then caused her sister to cry more. "Oh, 'Ponine. I am sorry. I did not mean for such a thing to offend you." Seeing that she caused someone older than her to be in more pain, Azelma started to cry. This instantly shut down Eponine's sobs.

"Oh, Zel. Don't cry!" Eponine cooed, comforting her younger sister. Azelma smiled. "So... Is it true?" Eponine wondered.

"Is what true?" Azelma played dumb.

"That Azelma Isabelle Thenardier is in love." Eponine chuckled.

"What? With who? Who said?" Again, Azelma was trying the dumb trick.

"You and Joly? Well.... I do say myself, my sister has good taste." Eponine teased.

Azelma nodded and laughed along with Eponine." C'mon. Let's go." And the two girls went back to their current residence.

Gavroche awoke the next morning, his eyes puffy and red. He had cried all night wondering what would happen.

Would he ever see his sisters again? Will he stay in the city? Will he be out in a foster home? These were the questions that were on the his mental iPod's replay.

He saw the cops from the night before and wondered again, what will happen?

Then, Gavroche noticed a familiar face. It was Musichetta and her father. Musichetta was a month older than Eponine, and she lived fairly close.

"Gavroche Thenardier, meet your new legal guardians." The police announced.

"Hello." Mr. Roccio greeted.

Gavroche ran up and embraced the pair. "I will forever be in your debt." Gavroche stated.

The man chuckled." No need. We did it for you. Monsieur Enjolras told us the situation." He said.

This made Gavroche happy. A feeling he rarely felt. Maybe Eponine would forgive Enjolras?


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