Hers to Lose.....

****MODERN ENJONINE****Ever since Enjolras saw her at the cafe, he has never been the same. Slowly growing kinder, and softening up. Caring more about others. Will the mystery girl be the one to break the coldness within? E/E Modern AU


17. Little Fall of Rain


It seems it is time for me to tell you something. I have always felt for you, more than a friend.

More than a brother. I have loved you from the day I met you. I am sorry to have kept this from you, but I saw how you looked at her, and couldn't bear to tell you. For, I did not want to ruin our friendship. It seems though that I have found someone else.

With love,

Eponine XX

"Joly!" Eponine yelled.

Joly was there in a flash. "What?"

Eponine handed him the letter.

"Can you?" Eponine asked.

"I guess." He chuckled.

Eponine pretended to faint. "Thank you, my hero."

This caused Joly to laugh even more. With a bow, he walked out. Eponine was a mess with laughter.

There was only a day till Eponine could get her cast off and walk again.

There was excitement boiling inside Eponine.

"Tomorrow's the day!" Enjolras grabbed Eponine's shoulders excitedly. "Excited?"

Eponine's eyes widened. "Yep! I can't wait."

"Wanna know what tomorrow is?" He asked, expecting Eponine to forget.

"One month ago..." She started.

"We started dating." Enjolras finished for her.

"How could I forget?" She stated at him with wide eyes.

"That's right! You can't!" He laughed. "So.... What did you hand Joly?" He sounded a bit jealous.

"Marius' letter for Cosette." She covered.

"Oh. That jerk." He muttered.

"I can still hear you." She said.

Marius came up behind her.

"Did you give Cosette my present?" He asked.

He was talking about a teddy bear he got her a week ago.

"Ah!" Eponine screamed causing Enjolras and Marius to chuckle."no.... Joly had to."

"Ok!" And he walked away.

"You were scared." Enjolras teased.

"Was not!" She argued.

"Was too!" He argued back.

They went on for hours sounding like two year olds. Little they knew about what would come.

Eponine had got off her cast two days ago. Now, she was on her first date since.

There Eponine was, sitting across from Enjolras at Applebee's. (not her first choice, but she loved it anyways.) It was delicious and she hadn't ate their since she was twelve. Eponine had forgotten how much she had missed the food and the decor and just..... Everything.

Eponine had exscused herself so she could go fix her hair. She left the table and walked to the bathroom. There, she saw it's mistake, so she just put it in a high ponytail.

Eponine didn't want to risk anything, so she tried to hurry back. She had seen the way girls look at Enjolras. With his curly blonde hair, his blue eyes, and perfect complection, who couldn't stare?

When Eponine was ready, she started to walk back to the table. There, Enjolras sat. The suprise? He was kissing another girl.

"Seriously, Enjolras? I just recovered, and you kiss ANOTHER girl?" She yelled and ran out.

"Eponine! Wait!" He yelled after her.

The girl smiled satisfied.

He hasn't kissed the girl, the girl kissed him.


Eponine walked down the street broken. She had never felt so lost. A pain much like Marius caused aroused in her. Heck! Marius and Enjolras were practically the same people to Eponine. The only difference was that Enjolras had dated her. Oh, how much it hurt her. Eponine may never forgive him.

'I hope you're happy now! I hope you really get and don't live to regret it. I hope you're happy in the end! I hope you're happy, my friend.' Eponine thought.

Eponine sat on the curbside by the Inn her parents used to own.

"Why?" She cried.

"What's wrong?" A familiar voice said sarcastically.

This voice belonged to Montparnesse.

This scared Eponine.

"Why do you care?" Eponine spat out.

"Don't be that way! Once a thief, always a thief. We belong together!" He drunkenly slurred.

"Leave me alone." She spit on him.

"You'll regret that. You'll rue this day." Montparnesse growled.

With that, he slapped her. Not one time, but five times across the face.

"Oh really! What ya gonna do?" She taunted.

"If you come home, don't plan on being alive for long. I'll tell ya that!" He laughed evilly.

"You wouldn't!" Eponine was ghost pale.

"Oh... I would." He said seriously.

He began to hit her, sending knifes into her body. Eponine cried out.

"Leave her alone!"


Enjolras finally found Eponine. She was sitting on the curb.

'Why is someone hitting her?' He asked himself.

Then, he realized it was her father's gang member, Montparnesse.

"Leave her alone!" He yelled.

Then he realized. This man was taller then him. How was he going to fight?

"And who is this? You didn't tell me you had a friend! Awww! Blondie's defensive!" Montparnesse chuckled.

"Boyfriend." Enjolras corrected.

"That's where your wrong! Eponine is with me." The man slurred.

"No, I'm not. Leave me be!" Eponine yelled.

"You heard her! leave!" Enjolras said.

"No. I think she meant you." The man laughed." Sorry blondie!"

Enjolras tensed. He had to do something. The man approached him.

"Leave. Her. Alone." Enjolras said through clenched teeth.

They started to fight. Each one taking a swing at the other. When Enjolras had thought he won, he was brought to sense with a slap. This made him bleed through the nose and side of his face. He met it with a punch, knocking Montparnesse off his feet.

Eponine ran up to him all wide eyed. "Wow. That was... Awesome." She gushed.

"Are you okay?" He asked. "Look....I am sorry. She kissed me." He told her.

"Oh. And I'm fine." She said." Let's get you home.


Eponine and Enjolras sat in the couch. Joly and Azelma weren't there and Gavroche was in his room. Eponine was fixing up Enjolras.

"That was very heroic." Eponine still gushed.

"It was nothing." He laughed over it.

He was met with a kiss.




Kinda dramatic.... No?

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