Hers to Lose.....

****MODERN ENJONINE****Ever since Enjolras saw her at the cafe, he has never been the same. Slowly growing kinder, and softening up. Caring more about others. Will the mystery girl be the one to break the coldness within? E/E Modern AU


15. It Started With Her Fear...

Then next day, Eponine avoided Enjolras. He would approach her, and she would walk or run away. Enjolras had grabbed her shoulders once, and she had glared.


Enjolras spotted Eponine across the lawn talking to Cosette. As much as it hurt her to see them together, Eponine had let go and became friends with the overly peppy blonde. He could hear parts of the conversation.

"So,  Friday night? My house?" Cosette asked Eponine.

"Yep!" Eponine smiled.

Eponine did a walk/skip mix and sang softly to herself. " Tomorrow I'll discover what a sleepover has in store!" Eponine, though no one knew, had never had a sleepover.

Enjolras just stood and stated off into space, as Eponine pranced over, not paying attention. Eponine had tripped and fell into Enjolras' arms. Eponine had her eyes squeezed shut, expecting pain. Then, she had felt strong arms under her.

"Watch yourself! Wouldn't want anything messing up that pretty face of yours.." A voice chuckled softly.

Eponine opened her eyes to see Enjolras' face inches from hers. Eponine reached up and slapped him across the face. Then, stood up. "Next time.... Let me fall!" She spat at him and walked away.


That very night, Eponine had sat down on her bed feeling slightly guilty. Her dad had noticed, which made him think of her as weak.

'She needs a lesson..." He had thought.

"EPONINE!" Monsieur Thenardier bellowed.

"Yes.... F-Father." Eponine stuttered nervously.

"GET DOWN HERE,YA LITTLE BRAT!" He yelled at Eponine.

"Coming father!" Eponine squeaked.

When Eponine came down the stairs, her father and gang were awaiting her arrival. Eponine was grabbed from both sides.

She struggled against the men, easily identified as Montparnesse and Brujon. "What's the matter, beautiful?" Montparnesse joked. "Who am I kidding? You? Beautiful? Ha!"

Eponine spat in his face, earning her a slap to the face. It stung like a knife in the back, but Eponine didn't cry out.

"No cry huh? Well, let us see what will make this brat scream!" Her father made it sound like a game.

Brujon and Montparnesse held her up as her father stabbed her. (Not literally, just had to add....). Monsieur Thenardier smacked her over and over. He even punched her. It caused her to feel even more pain. Eventually, she was dropped to the ground and kicked.

"Ah!" Eponine finally started to gasp in pain, and she closed her eyes. She felt hands grasp her ankles and a shap pain. One by one, her ankles snapped. Eponine screamed so bloodcurdling that it made her father back off. Eponine was left alone. "Gavroche! Azelma!" She screeched.

They rushed to her side. "I-I can't move my feet. I can't get up." She said in between gasps.

"He did this." Azelma said.

"That wretched bas-" Gavroche started.

"Gav... Watch your mouth! Now help me to the porch!" They somehow managed to get her there. "Now, Zel call Joly."

Azelma did as instructed and got him to bring a friend. He finally arrive on scene. Eponine.... Slowly... Started.... To fade..........away.

Joly had arrived at the Thenardier's house beyond the point of worry. He was crazed with fear. When the phone rang with Eponine's Caller I.D., that started his worry. When another girl was in the other end, that made his fear escalate. When he processed the words that she was saying, that's when he started to get the hyperventilating feeling. He had been told to bring a friend, so... He had brought Courfeyrac. He couldn't let Enjolras near her in the condition that she was in. He would have freaked out and turned into a complete nutcase. So, it was decided. Courfeyrac or Jehan. Johan would have talked in couplets like he does when worried, so Courfeyrac was the only option. He luckily didn'task questions.

When they got out of the car, the two eighteen year olds saw a girl and boy on the porch with a familiar face. Eponine. The girl was propping up her head and the young boy seemed to be on his knees muttering something. Eponine, the poor girl, had blood coating half her face and mixed in her hair. Her clothes were bloodstained and bruises were visible from head to toe. Eponine's was wearing no shoes or socks, so it was well seen that her feet were swollen and at odd angles. It was hard to process it at first, but then you grew aware of the severity. Eponine was passed out too.

"Oh God." Joly gasped. "What has happened?" He asked the young girl.

"'Ow do ya do? Mine name's Gavroche, and this is my sister Azelma." The young boy pointed to the girl. "We're Eponine's younger siblings! You must be Joly?" He inquired.

"You were the person Eponine told me to call before she passed out." Azelma said.

'So... Azelma was the girl on the phone.' Joly told himself.

"Again. What happened?" Joly asked serious about Eponine's condition.

Azelma explained the best she could to the two boys about their father's 'masterpiece'. Not leaving out a detail.

"Ponine's abused?" Courfeyrac asked.

"Yes, Courf. I knew this... I have treated her before for he same reason, but... But this is beyond my power. We have to get her to a hospital." Joly said.

Joly went to Eponine's head and put his arms under her, one under her back and the other in the crook of her knees. Eponine gasped in pain. Courfeyrac got in the driver's seat, Gavroche got shotgun, and Azelma, Eponine and Joly in the back.


The ride was silent until a fearful Azelma had spoken. "I-Is Ponine gonna be alright?" She wondered quietly.

Joly nodded and grabbed his phone. " Azelma, can you call everyone under the group 'The Amis' and tell them to meet us at Pleasant Valley View Hospital? They are Ponine, Courf, and I's friends." He tried to give her a job.

The younger version of Eponine nodded and took the phone. One by one she dialed and called each number.


Finally, they had arrived at the hospital. Joly rushed in and talked with a nurse.Five minutes later, Joly entered with Eponine in his arms. He had got her the help she needed. Azelma, Coufeyrac and Joly walked alongside as the took her in a room. They said they won't operate until she wakes.


After awhile, the full Amis were at Eponine's bedside. First to arrive was Marius. He had gasped and went into a shock in the corner of the room. Second was Jehan, who sat in the corner writing poetry to pass time.

After Jehan, a nurse came in and put her on oxygen so she would stay stable. After the doctor Grantaire arrived. He was drunk and was immediately escorted out. Then came Enjolras, who pulled up a chair and began to mutter and cry. He eventually started to turn into the nutcase as predicted and was worried like heck. Bahorel and Bosset then showed. They just sat down and talked trying to pass time. It was a full house. Each seeming to break, seeing Eponine's horrid condition.

A half an hour passed, Eponine began to gasp in pain. That made everyone uneasy. She started to mutter and moved her leg. That cause her to release a bloodcurdling, agonizing scream and breathe in short gasps.

'She began to shake, as if the start of a seizure. Then, tears accompanied the shaking. This went on for awhile, causing the Amis. More of Enjolras than anyone, to go mad with worry and anticipation towards the worst happening.

Eponine sat up slowly, stopping the tears. She gasped in pain and opened her eyes.

"Who are you?" She asked and examined her surroundings."Where am I?"

This got Joly involved.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Eponine Marie Thenardier." Eponine responded.

"Age?" He wondered.

" I am 18." Eponine said.

"What's the last thing you remember?" He asked.

"Montparnesse beating me." She let out.

Azelma and Gavroche gasped. "That was 2 months ago." Azelma said.

Joly stood up." She hasn't met us yet. It's most likely shock. She should be better in a day."


Everyone woke up by Eponine's bedside. She woke them up by a scream. Gavroche had apparently sat on her ankle.

"Gav! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" She screamed.

"Eponine... Do you remember?" Marius asked sleeply.

"What are you talking about Marius? I never forgot...." She replied.

Eponine had forgot her memory loss, but regained everything. Why she was there and them. Eponine was mainly back to normal.        
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