Hers to Lose.....

****MODERN ENJONINE****Ever since Enjolras saw her at the cafe, he has never been the same. Slowly growing kinder, and softening up. Caring more about others. Will the mystery girl be the one to break the coldness within? E/E Modern AU


19. Dreamers Who Met In A trance

Massie sat down confused by the day's events. Did she cause Eponine pain? Did she just break up Eponine and Enjolras.

Noticing her confusion, Grantaire sat down next to his girlfriend. "It's alright! Knowing Enjonine,They will be made up by tonight." He comforted.

"Enjonine?" Massie asked.

"Eponine and Enjolras' couple name. Like Brangalina!" He shocked Massie by his knowledge of Brangalina.

"Brangalina? How do you.... Nevermind.... I don't wanna know...." She laughed.

"Hey!" Grantaire mock-pouted.

Massie cracked up and stuck her tongue out. Grantaire put his finger under her chin and brought her head up.

"You know, you are absolutely adorable when you do that?" He told her softly.

Massie was so close she could smell his breath. There was no trace of beer scent or anything."Are you sober?" She asked.

"Only for the mademoiselle!" He said with his lovely strong french accent.

This caused Massie to smile."Who? Who's the girl?" She joked."Are you cheating on me?"

"You are the only one for me." He stated."J'adore Massie."

"J'adore you." She got lost in his blue eyes.

"Mon Cher? Hello?" Massie was staring.

When she didn't respond, he kissed her. Letting his lips slide against hers, he chuckled when she groaned and started to pay attention. Her immediate reaction was to copy his movements. They went on for what seemed like hours. Then She pulled back, breathless.

"Massie, I really do, love you." Grantaire said, his eyes shining brightly.


Grantaire sat down next to Massie quietly. He was right. The Enjonine couple was back together.

"You see I told you so! There's lots of things I know! Grantaire has some brains, despite what others think!" Grantaire teased his girlfriend.

Massie ruffled his curls causing him to playfully smack her hand away. Massie stuck her tongue out at him. Grantaire shook his head in laughter.

"You know, if you keep that up, I might just have to kidnap you forever." He whispered in her ear.

"That'd be okay." She told him.

Grantaire grabbed her by her waist and sat her on his lap. "That can be arranged." He said quiet enough for only her to hear.

"When?" Massie said excitedly.

"Whenever you want...." His french accent was adorable."How 'bout now?"

"Okay." Massie smiled.

Grantaire pulled her closely, hands tightly around her waist and kissed her. They were like dreamers that met in a trance as his lips glided against hers, sending shivers down her spine. He felt electricity run through him as they kissed. Like lullabies he was, forever in her mind. She saw him in every piece of her life. They were meant for each other. This time, Grantaire pulled back. He was out of breath and smiled at her.

"Now, I am definitely gonna have to kidnap you forever." He looked into her eyes.

"Well, let's start now."She stared back.

"Well, now is always a great start." He stated.

Massie laughed lightly and made a 'Awww!' Noise.

"What?" Grantaire asked.Massie pointed to the Enjonine couple, who were standing a centimeter apart looking into each other's eyes." I don't think I have ever seen him that close to her."

Massie chuckled." Be nice!" She play-scolded.

"Now, you know, nice is not my thing!" He mocked her tone. "Get me a Pepsi, my sweet prisoner!" He joked.

Eponine and Enjolras were watching unnoticed, awestricken by the two. Eponine let out a bark of laughter at his feminine-like voice. Enjolras covered her mouth with his hand.

"Quiet!" He shushed her.

Eponine bit his hand lightly and kissed his cheek.


Massie actually did get a Pepsi.

"You know I was joking?" He asked her.

"Who said this was for you?" She sat down on his lap, taking a big swig.

"But... I wanted my Pepsi...." He pouted.

"Awww! Little Grantaire needs a Pepsi!" She played with him in a baby voice."I know what will make it better." She laughed.

Massie brought her lips to his and wrapped her hands around his waist. She let his lips slide against hers. He moaned softly.

"You're right. This is better." He mumbled against her lips.

Massie laughed and kissed him more."There's lots of things I know!" She quoted him.

"So, how bout that Pepsi?" He joked.

"So, how bout that Pepsi?" Massie mimicked him."Don't you want something else?" She played back, pecking him on the lips.


The next day, Joly sat down on the couch tired. It had been a long day at school, and all he wanted to do was see Azelma.

Oh... Zel.... With her dark brown hair, pale blue eyes, light skin, and petite figure. How much he missed her!

As he thought about her, he stared out into space.

"Joly? Are you alive?" A familiar voice asked him.

He snapped out of it and saw the petite brunette herself. His eyes lit up.
"Zel!" He said happily.

"Yes, it's me. Now, are you alive?" She joked.

Joly chuckled." I shall hope so...." He muttered.

"How was today?" Azelma wondered.

"Busy..." He yawned.

"How so?" She questioned.

"Everything was boring and taxing." He muttered.

"That's a first." She commented sarcastically.

"You know, you have it easy? You don't have college next year!" He laughed.

"You better not leave me here if you leave the city!" She gasped.

"Wouldn't dare to even dream of it!" He laughed at her expression.

"You better not!" She smiled."or I will haunt you when I die!"

In saying this, the brunette put her lips to his, and let them indulge in one another. Azelma wrapped her arms around his waist and chuckled.

"What?" He pulled back.

"You." Azelma answered.

"What did I do?" He wondered.

"You are just perfect." She said as she messed with his messy black hair. "And mine."

Joly chuckled. "Forever." Was the one word he said before he let his lips dance across hers. Azelma muttered something that was hard to make out.


Enjolras held Eponine close to him. They were on top of the Eiffel Tower at 9 p.m.. It was dark, but the sky was clear. It revealed many stars, and allowed them to look upon the streets of Paris lit up by many lights.

Although many portray accordion music in the background, there was no music tonight, except the music of the people's chatting.

"What?" He asked as he felt her shakey breath.

"Oh, nothin'. Just thinking." She softly sighed.

"About what?"when she didn't answer,he pulled out a old phrase."Penny for your thoughts."

"It's just...." She trailed off.

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