Hers to Lose.....

****MODERN ENJONINE****Ever since Enjolras saw her at the cafe, he has never been the same. Slowly growing kinder, and softening up. Caring more about others. Will the mystery girl be the one to break the coldness within? E/E Modern AU


16. As Long As Youre Mine

Eponine had been released from the hospital earlier than planned. She had been issued two weeks of bed rest and had to be wheeled around in a wheel chair because both ankles were broken for two more weeks. Eponine was miserable, because she was a person who loved to run. The benefit? She got to watch her favorite musicals over and over again.


Eponine was begged, literally, begged by Joly and Enjolras to stay at their house.

"Can Gav and Zel stay, too?" Eponine asked. She was not going to go without them. She would not leave them at the 'mercy' of her father.

There was plead in their eyes as they nodded. "Yes, they can!" Joly replied.

Eponine looked at Azelma and Gavroche, who nodded. Then, of course, one of them had to sit down on Eponine's leg, causing her to gasp a bit and say, "Ow!Ow!Ow!" This made everyone except Enjolras laugh. Eponine nodded."Okay." What was with Gavroche and bringing pain to his older sister?



Eponine was beginning to like the bed rest. It had allowed her to watch her favorite musicals OVER and over again, until.... Of course Joly shut it off and confiscated it, claiming, 'It was too annoying.'

This time she was watching a recording of her favorite, Wicked. She had always had a dream of preforming as Elphaba. This recording was her favorite, because it was the one that Idina Menzel starred in.

She had just watched one of her favorite parts, and her second fave Wicked song was on, As Long As You're Mine.

Out of habit, Eponine had began to sing lightly.

"ohh...Kiss me too fiercely

,Hold me too tight

.I need help believing

.You're with me tonight

.My wildest dreamings

Could not foresee.

Lying beside you

With you wanting me." Eponine sang in tune with Idina.

Just then Enjolras walked in and Eponine paused the recording. "I love Wicked!" He exclaimed. Eponine chuckled as he plopped down beside her.

"Just for this moment

As long as you're mine

I've lost all resistance

And crossed some borderline

And if it turns out

It's over too fast

I'll make every last moment last

As long as you're mine" Eponine sang the end of Elphaba's part.

The real surprise was when Enjolras actually sang. He was great.

"Maybe I'm brainless

Maybe I'm wise

But you've got me seeing

Through different eyes

Somehow I've fallen

Under your spell

And somehow I'm feeling

It's up that I fell" he sang to her.

"Every moment

As long as you're mine

I'll wake up my body

And make up for lost time" together they harmonized.

"Say there's no future

For us as a pair" Enjolras continued.

"And though I may know

I don't care

Just for this moment

As long as you're mine

Come be how you want to

And see how bright we shine

Borrow the moonlight

Until it is through

And know I'll be here

Holding you

As long as you're mine" Together they finished.

"What is it?" Enjolras asked as if we were on stage.

"It's just...for the first time... I feel...wicked." Eponine said Elphaba's line.

Eponine was stunned. She realized her true feelings within. He looked into her eyes.

"Forgive me for this but... je t'aime. I have for awhile now...." He trailed off.

"je t'aime beacoup." Eponine had responded.

That was the start of something........new.


Azelma woke up very tired. She had dressed in her favorite sundress, green with white flowers, and put her dark brown hair in a ballerina bun. Azelma wore mascara, eyeliner, and green eye shadow. She grabbed her black flats and walked out of the house.

She had promised Eponine she would keep her company, but that changed. She had her 'Heart Full of Love' and Enjolras. Well, her heart was full of Loathing. Pure Unadulterated Loating. And it was towards Enjolras.

He had stole her one and only friend from her. Now, she had only Gavroche. He couldn't understand her problems though.


Azelma had heard her favorite musical, Wicked, and her favorite song, As Long As You're Mine. She knew Eponine was watching it, and Azelma knew that it was with Idina Menzel because she could hear her voice.

Azelma heard two other people singing. She could Identify one as Eponine. The second was not identifiable . It was a male. He had a nice tone and a lovely range.

Knowing Azelma, she went to investigate.

There, Enjolras and Eponine sat. They were singing to each other. They ended the song with a kiss. That made a pit drop in Azelma's stomach. She couldn't take no more.

Azelma ran out, tears streaming down her face, to her room and closed the door.

After almost five minutes of uncontrollable sobbing, Azelma heard a knock at the door.

"Go away." Azelma had said through the door.

"You know I won't do that." She heard a voice.

"Fine." Azelma opened the door.

It revealed a 18 year old boy. His black hair was a bit messy. His blue eyes stared at her concerned. He had freckles and pale skin. This man.... This man was Joly.

"What?" She spat out bitterly. Azelma's eyes were bloodshot and still teary.

Joly brushed his hand against her cheek."What's wrong?" He said softly.

"Nothing." Azelma sat on the bed.

"Well, you're crying. I am not leaving till you tell me what's wrong." He said.

Azelma stated into his gorgeous deep blue eyes. It made her think of how cute he was. She had to pull her mind back.

"Azelma? Zel? You there?" Joly asked, noticing her dislocation from her usual self.

"What? Oh.... Yeah...." She said softly.

"Serious, Zel...... Tell me what's wrong." He sighed.

"I always could count on Eppy. She would always be there for me. Eppy was my only friend. Now... She won't have time for me. She has Enjolras." Azelma said softly.

"What?" Joly questioned.

"I saw them kissing. They were watching Wicked and I saw them singing and kissing." Azelma softly told him.

"Oh dear....." Was the only thing Joly could say. Azelma started to cry again.

"Well..... You have always had me." He told her lovingly.

"What?" She was shocked.

"You... You alway have had me." He let out.

"Meaning?" Azelma was blind.

"I.. I love you, Zel." Azelma was even more shocked.

Joly hugged her and held her close as she cried.

~~~~Back to present~~~~

That had really shocked Azelma. Should she let go now that she has Joly?


AWWWWWW! such a cute couple:)

What do you think?


Eponine XXX


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